This Couple Travel The US In A Renovated Airstream Full Time And They're Seriously #Lifegoals

Recently, we wrote about the #vanlife nomads that were giving us serious life goals by traveling the country in decked-out vans. I’m not going to lie, I almost closed my laptop, sold all my possessions and bought a van at least 5 times while writing that piece, despite the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license!
However, it somehow escaped my attention that there’s another couple doing the van life thing and doing it very damn well. US couple Sheena and Jason have renovated a shiny, silver Airstream, Mavis, and travel around the country with their super cute pup, Riley.
This is the awesome foursome in all their adorable glory:

Yep, we would almost hate them with jealousy if we didn’t love stalking their feed so much! The couple have decked out the van in Insta-worthy, boho style — to the point where it’s literally nicer than most apartments.

Here’s a wide shot of the finished bed and desk nook (peek of it on the left). A little backstory for all of you new folks: (🖐 hello!) We lived full time in our Airstream over the winter on the coast and decided we goofed on our remodel. I tell ya, it’s one thing to build it, another to actually live in it. It looked beautiful but just wasn’t comfortable as it was. We needed a second desk, the tv was awkwardly positioned *beside* the sofa (neck ache!) and the two twin bed setup took up SO much of our precious space (not to mention everyone thought we were weirdos for having separate beds 😂). We headed back to our hometown of Atlanta to relocate the bed and living area. We are thrilled with the decision to change it up. It was so scary to undo so much hard work but we feel we made the right decision in the end. We especially love the bed up front. It’s sunny, airy and just a happy place to be. 🌞 Tap photo for sources.

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Traveling around the States in Mavis since May 2016. As well as their Instagram (which, unsurprisingly, has attracted a following of more than 30K people), they share their vanlife experiences on their website, Mavis The Airstream. On the website, they explain what prompted such a big lifestyle change.

We spent the first six years of our marriage living a very routine life in suburbia. The usual go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat kind of life. One day, it hit us that our biggest memories from our first few years of marriage were our epic vacations and rambling road trips through the west.
We dreamed up this wild, romantic idea that we would live and work from an Airstream and travel the country. And so that’s what we did. We spent seven months completely remodeling a 1975 Airstream from the ground up. Then the three of us set sail for the North Carolina coast where we lived for the winter. Our days were suddenly full of new places to explore, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and time.
Our days belong to us. We decide what we do, where we go and where we sleep at night. As unsettling as all of that would have sounded to us ten years ago, it’s become the most freeing thing we’ve ever done.


Here’s a look at the living space with the bedroom in the background. That stunning wall hanging is by the super talented @esme_design. Jason had one design request for the space – no dreamcatchers (which I happen to dig). He’s not with it and doesn’t realize they’re for cool people. He thinks they are for creepy people in windowless vans although little does he know, I secretly want a windowless van so I can hang dreamcatchers everywhere inside it. So instead, I have macrame throughout the Airstream. Now that we’ve lived for a week in this new layout, we couldn’t be happier! More space and now we are officially a normal couple with one bed. 😂 Backstory: Our first setup was a rear dual twin bed we lived in for the first 3 months. We tore it all apart to put in one full sized @tuftandneedle bed up front and turned the former bedroom into this living space seen in this photo.

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It all sounds incredibly romantic, right? So far, Sheena and Jason’s travels have taken them to some incredible places — from the impossibly green forests of Colorado to the sandy beaches of North Carolina.

Finally getting all of the tools and stuff cleared out of Mavis. I can see my countertop again! My old Main Road sign that used to be over the old sofa (now the macrame curtain covers the area) found a new home tucked behind some aloe and ivy. I replaced my hanging plant pots throughout the Airstream with wood or metal pots just for the off chance of a wild swing the wrong direction cracking the pot open and making a mess. This wood pot seen here is from Target and they’re even on clearance right now! 🙌 I’ve made it so everything can stay in it’s place when we drive. Earthquake putty under the pots against the far wall, safety hooks holding the hanging plants and moss to keep the dirt in the pots. 👌

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You may be wondering how on earth the couple manage to make a living while on the road all the time. Well, Sheena is a graphic designer, photographer and co-owner of an e-commerce business while Jason has a full-time telecommute job as project manager. Ready to follow suit? Check out this article on the 7 best jobs you can do from anywhere in the world.
You can follow Sheena and Jason on Instagram here and check out the blog here.

Everything we need, nothing we don’t. ❤

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