Fitness Citizen: Meet Joanne, of @GoFitJo

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Joanne Encarnacion is the real deal.
She posts all about her life on Instagram and on her blog, and yes, the photos are stunning. But @GoFitJo, as she’s lovingly known by her nearly 55,000 Instagram fans, isn’t afraid to dig down and get real with her peeps.
Encarnacion became a mother at 21, and she’s often vocal about how difficult it was to balance being a young woman and a mother. “My body had changed dramatically after being pregnant,” she writes on her blog, “and since that happened I slowly began to hate my self-image.”
In 2013, she began her own fitness journey and started documenting her experience online—and the rest is history! Now, Encarnacion inspires thousands of women a day to be body confident and live out loud. We sat down with her for this week’s Fitness Citizen profile.


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Born and raised: Born in NY, Raised in SF Bay Area

Currently living: San Jose, CA

Known for: my blue hair and tattoos

Your personal motto: “Better than yesterday, stronger for tomorrow.”

Success is: “Vibrating at your highest frequency. We all define success differently and to me its knowing that I’m living my fullest potential while aligning my soul to its intention and purpose.”

The advice I would give to my 20-year-old self: Don’t get pregnant, LOL! Just kidding (not really) but I would tell her to not freak out as much, she’s going to be a great mom, and to continue following your heart and soul.

People are surprised that I: Not much I think, I’m an open book on my Instagram. So when it comes to talents that come out later its almost like “No surprise she could do that as well, she’s a jane of all trades.” But I think for a lot of people who meet me in real life who have followed me on IG, probably that I’m so grounded, down to earth and goofy AF.

The biggest risk I’ve taken that actually paid off: Leaving my full-time job and blogging full time. Not only did it allow me to focus on building my brand, but I’ve gone back to school for two certifications: health and nutrition coaching and my 200YT.

I’m most proud of: that I didn’t give up despite my circumstances in life.

My most used emoji is:🙌


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Wake up time: 6AM

Morning ritual: stumble into the bathroom and IG for a minute (let’s be honest we all do our best captions while sitting on the thrown), then I head downstairs fix myself a protein shake, and off to the gym or to drop off my daughters to school before work.

Healthy meal/snack that’s $$$ but worth it: AVO Toast, I really don’t understand why some people sell the thing for $9 bucks … But man, when it’s topped with radishes or heirloom tomatoes, Maldon Sea Salt flakes or black lava salt, I’m just all over it.

Last thing I do before bed: Think about 3 things I’m grateful that happened during my day.

Guilty pleasure: Lindsay Lohan movies

3 things vital to my day: My Bullet Journal, drinking lots of water, and being able to sit in my tiny corner at my desk and write.

Juice: Green juice w/ lots of spinach, kale, pineapple, and maybe celery. Basically just throw it all in the blender.

Coffee: Cold brew or an iced americano

Website I check religiously: Lately it’s been, I’m addicted to the things I can’t craft.

Favorite place to sweat: SoulCycle


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Bra: Anything from Lively

Leggings: Alala

Shoes: my current jam: Nike Flyknit Mariah

Sunglasses: RayBan Hexagonal

Watch: Apple Watch

Store: Always and forever a Nordstrom fan

New season must have: A classic trench coat for the fall


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App: Evernote, I live on it.

Website: Obsessed with Pinterest and pinning recipes

Binge watch: Currently binge watching on Defenders on Netflix and Game of Thrones

Instagram stalk: @thegreylayers

Album love: DJ Khaled: Grateful


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Snap: gofitjo

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