These 7 Instagram Accounts Will Make You Want To Sell Your Belongings And Travel The World

Ready to live the vanlife?


If you feel like you’ve spotted #vanlife around a lot on Instagram lately, you’re not imagining things. In case you were wondering, no — the hashtag isn’t proclaiming love for the sneaker brand Vans. Instead, it refers to the lifestyle of choice of a growing number of people, where they sell all their possessions and travel the country in their vans!
Of course, the concept of living in a campervan is nothing new. Hippies have been doing it for decades! But the new wave of van-venturers isn’t just the dreadlocked or people in the throes of a mid-life crisis. We’re talking couples and singletons in their 20s and 30s — who disillusioned with the monotony of corporate life, decide to hit the open road.
Yep, there’s something awfully appealing about putting your life on hold to travel the country in a decked-out van. With no possessions or job to weigh you down, you’re free to go wherever you like, whenever you want. Plus, the van option is a much cheaper way to wander than staying in hotels — but still has many of the creature comforts you don’t get with camping.
Thinking about starting a new life on the road but need an extra push? These 7 inspiring Instagram accounts should do the trick!


If anyone can make living in a in a van full-time look glamorous, it’s Elise Cook. The beauty and her husband travel around Australia in their van, Scout, while running their wine company. From her stunning boho outfits to the incredible destinations they visit, her account is a feast for the eyes.
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The perpetually bikini-clad Cleo Coen gives us serious life goals. With her partner by her side, they zip through the mountains, beaches, waterfalls and deserts of Australia in their trusty van — which happens to be nicer than some apartments! She also documents their journey and dishes out travel tips on her blog, Forever Elsewhere.
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Want to take your van journey international? Hit follow on this account from Vanlife Magazine. It’s a hub for travel snaps from van-venturers all over the world. You’ll see every type of van you could imagine (from cosy wooden-clad vans to retro Volkswagens) in the furthest corners of the globe.


If traveling around Australia with your dog is your idea of heaven, this is the account for you. Sarah and her adorable pup Otto drive along the coastline in their converted van, stopping for surf, sun and luckily for us, plenty of snaps!
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Think driving around the country by van has to mean eating steak and sausages for every meal? Think again! Sabrina and Jimmy travel around the US in their old hippie bus, searching for the best vegan eats the country has to offer.
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Who says roaming around Europe has to be expensive? Swiss photographer Martina Bisaz proves you can do it on a budget, as she drives around the continent in her bright orange Volkswagen. From the Swiss Alps to the Italian Rivera coastline, the destinations she visits are just breathtaking.
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Can’t commit to the idea of completely leaving your life behind? Allow yourself to be inspired by ‘professional weekenders’, Brianna and Keith. The couple live out of their van Bertha (along with their two dogs), but keep Utah as a home base while they go into the office a few days a week. Then, on the weekends they hit the road and explore the US desert!
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