The 5 Best YouTube Workouts To Do For Strong, Defined Arms

Get ready to feel the burn.

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Everyone has their own reasons for wanting strong, defined arms. Some want to be able to lift a suitcase into the overhead bin on an aeroplane while others want to feel more confident in tank tops. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.
Ahead, find five simple YouTube workouts that’ll improve your posture, balance and of course, arm strength (and don’t worry if you’ve never lifted a dumbbell in your life, these workouts are designed for newbies and gym junkies alike).

20-Minute Flat Belly and Toned Arms Workout

Not only will this strength-training workout target the arms, chest, shoulders, and back, but it will also challenge your core and balance. We think it’s the perfect complement to a cardio workout.

Tone It Up’s Best Arm Workout

Do this 15-minute routine when you’re crunched for time, or incorporate it into your regular workout routine. Either way, your arms, shoulders and back will be thankful.

Quick Burn Tricep Workout

This is one of the easiest and most effective tricep workouts around, hands down! It incorporates four Pilates-inspired exercises that’ll strengthen and tone your triceps. All you’ll need is a yoga mat or towel.

Upper Body Workout

For those days when you just don’t want to move off the couch, but feel you should, try this simple arm workout. Just turn on Netfix, grab a set of weights or bottles of water, and get ready to feel the burn.

5 Moves for Stronger, Leaner Arms c/o Tracy Anderson

This arm workout from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson will get your heart pumping and muscles burning. Plus, you can do it pretty much anywhere you want.

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