The Internet’s Going Nuts Over This Sexy Bralette For D+ Cups

Lively Busty Bralette for DD Cups
Image: @wearlively

Anyone with a serious set of cans knows how important it is for a bra to be supportive. And while the idea of a cute lacy bralette may be enticing, the reality is far from sexy—let’s be real, often it feels no amount of elastic will withstand the weight of the twins.
While we love having breasts that make us feel womanly, sometimes we long to be one of those flat-chested females who can throw on a t-shirt and happily #freethenipple or pop on a flimsy bralette under an outfit and still be deemed appropriate in the boardroom. If this sounds like you and you thought you were suffering alone, think again—you have some busty breast friends on Reddit.
Reddit’s popular thread, ABraThatFits is a forum for well-endowed women to seek advice and share their big bra experiences—and there’s one comment in particular that’s getting a lot of upvotes: Reddit user abbymaemac’s review of the Lively Busty Bralette. Titled, Lively Busty Bralette Size 2 on a 34H, it reads:

“Just got my pre-ordered bralette in the mail! As someone with very large, bottom heavy, soft tissue breasts, finding a supportive bralette has been actually impossible. I’ve tried everywhere (torrid/aerie/wacoal/panache) but there was never any support and the cups were always too small. This bralette might be the answer!
(Images: front and side views)
This looks small out of the package! I thought there was no way that it would remotely fit. I have similar “triangle” looking bralettes that my breast tissue spills out of on either side and my whole breast falls out of if I so much as move. The Busty bralette is so supportive. The cups might be a little small for me, but that doesn’t affect the support at all. I feel like I could do jumping jacks!
My breasts are swollen from my period so I’m going to check again in a few weeks, but if they don’t shrink I want to return … and get the bigger size.”

Update after trialling it for over a week:

“Guys I’ve given this bralette a fair chance and I’m in love. It feels like I’m not wearing anything (but in a good way — we all know the dreaded boob sweat touch in the middle when going braless) I don’t know how to edit my last post, but my menstrual cycle breast swelling has gone down and it’s a great fit. My breasts are obviously too large and soft still, but the fabric is tight and stretchy (if that makes sense) enough to tuck them in.
If you’re looking for a comfy bralette and have bigger breast PLEASE BUY THIS! It’s only 30 bucks! I’m just so happy and it looks good enough where I can see myself going out with it on!
(Images: it’s so comfy!!! Breasts stay put!)

But this isn’t the only glowing review on the Internet—there’s a similar one on Buzzfeed too. And a peruse through the comments shows it’s the opinion is unanimous.
Lively’s “Busty Bralette” launched back in March and sold out within 24 hours. It’s designed with strong, adjustable straps and an under-the-boob elastic band with a back-hook closure for added support. Lively recommends opting for a size 1 if you usually buy a 34D, 32DD, 36D, 34DD, 32DDD and a size 2 if you’re a 38D, 36DD, 34DDD, 38DD, 36DDD, 38DDD. That being said, Reddit user abbymaemac was a 34H so if you’re further down the alphabet than the dames with Ds, you may still be in luck.
It’s not the only time that boobs have broken the Internet, but a bralette for DDs—now that’s a first. Available in 10 different colours and styles, shop the Lively Busty Bralette over at

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