The Future Mrs Is The New Agency Connecting Brides To Celebrity Beauty Artists

Throughout the year we’ve been featuring inspirational females who’ve taken the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s risky, frightening and takes serious guts but if it pays off, it’s overwhelmingly rewarding. This month, we’re introducing you to Casey Gore, founder of The Future Mrs, an agency connecting brides-to-be with some of Australia’s best editorial talent.
Casey Gore’s business idea literally got handed to her.
The idea for The Future Mrs hit me when a bride gave me one of my own editorial images by coincidence as a reference during her trial. It was a beachy, bronze makeup look, dewy skin and a stunning highlight on the cheekbones. The bride was beyond excited to learn that I was the makeup artist on that shoot and yes, I could give her that look for her wedding day,” she recalls. “It made me realise that brides so often have horror hair and make up stories that ruin their day and if I could connect them with the calibre of editorial talent, I know we’d have a new generation of happy and beautiful brides.”

So with the concept in mind, Casey set out to build a brand that fit her mission. My first priority was to come up with a fun but cool name that appealed to the bridal market without sounding too “bridally and fluffy”. I wanted to appeal to a stylish bride who wants more than the traditional bridal style.” And as with the concept, it seemed luck was on her side. “I was flicking through a magazine when a tight crop of then model, now E host Ksenja Lukich, stopped me in my tracks. She was wearing a tiny headband saying FUTURE MRS. I knew instantly that would be the name,” she told us. “Once I had the name, I invited all the best editorial talent I knew to join me.”
While she makes it sound like she welcomed anyone, Gore actually had quite a strict vetting process, which she still upholds today. “We have some pretty selective criteria, which is based on two very important points. 1). The good human test: We want brides to feel like they are getting their makeup or hair done by their best friend. I can say, with much fondness, that every single one of our chosen talent are kind, humble and can be calm in a chaotic morning of wedding preparation. 2). Extraordinary talent: I want our brides to feel like the most beautiful polished versions of themselves so the level of skill and product knowledge my team have must be nothing short of spectacular.”

With the creative side set, Gore realised she needed a partner to handle the transactional side of the business—to “be the yin to my yang” as she says—so she enlisted the help of Kellie Nichol-Smith, who had experience as an agent. And just like that, The Future Mrs was born and it hasn’t taken long for the company to grow, unsurprising since it fills a large void in the market.
“I think previously finding good talent for your wedding day was a bit of a mine field. Brides would go by word of mouth or enter ‘Best Makeup Artist in Sydney’ into Google and hope for the best. At least with the TFM talent you know you’re going to get someone who has experience. You do not want a recent makeup academy graduate doing your face for your wedding day or someone who has a one-dimensional repertoire…Our talent spend a lot of time on commercial jobs at a national or international level so their eye for detail and product knowledge working in that kind of environment is second to none. They’re used to working in pressured situations with many different personalities and skin types so can bring a sense of ease and professionalism to the “getting ready process”, which is such an overlooked but essential part of someone’s wedding day.”

Anyone who’s been a part of the bridal party or a bride herself will know this but it’s not the only process The Future Mrs simplifies. “I think our service also makes the booking process easier. A lot of our talent are super busy and may not be the best at responding so brides can feel safe and secure working with us.”
The Future Mrs concept is part of a broader trend in the bridal market to move away from conventional bridal settings and styles. “I believe an editorial style of beauty is a little more pulled back from traditional bridal beauty. We want brides to look like the best version of themselves on their wedding day. We want skin to look like skin and for brides to feel comfortable and confident in their look rather than feeling like they’re wearing a mask or prescribing to a look which is not them.”
“There’s lots to take into consideration to create the right look like the venue, the vibe, the dress and of course the bride’s personality. I’ve noticed a move toward textured, undone and effortless looking hair. Either stunning loose waves, a soft messy bun or braids. We also see more Hollywood glam and red carpet looks coming through. Makeup requests are for glowing natural skin always, soft brows and quite often a bronze wash on the eye with a neutral lip. Some of our braver brides over winter have requested a more fashion forward look with a bold red or plum lip.”

With such incredible talent you’d expect an extortionate price tag but Casey assures us they’re remaining competitive. “Our artist’s rates generally range from $150-$300 per service, per person. There are cheaper options out there but you’d be hard pressed to find better quality and we want to be known for quality. I get frustrated when brides try to cut cost on hair and makeup. You must remember that the one thing EVERYBODY looks at, and the one thing that is most photographed on your wedding day, is your face! So why not invest in a quality artist?”
While the most popular services are hair and makeup, they’re not the only thing on offer at The Future Mrs. Brides can hire photographers, wedding stylists and even sign on to the personal training plan with BUF Brides to get them in shape in the lead up to their big day.
With Casey moving to Los Angeles later this year, there’s speculation that The Future Mrs may have the international market in its sights but Casey assures us they don’t want to grow too big too quickly at the risk of compromising their service. “Opening a TFM USA is on the cards but will take some time to get the right talent in place. It’s not something we’ll rush into.”
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