The Calorie-Torching Cardio Workout You Can Smash In An Ad Break

Netflix and Chill, Movie in Bed

Did you know that for every hour of television, there are about 15 minutes of ad breaks? And sure, they’re a bit annoying, but they’re also kind of convenient. I mean, they’re the perfect amount of time to take a wee, peruse the fridge or even … smash out a workout?

Ok, exercise probably isn’t front of mind when you’re midway through a GOT binge. But maybe it should be. Ticking off a workout during your “downtime” is the perfect way to fit in exercise when you really can’t face it. You know, for all those times when you’d rather cut off your legs than leave the sofa to go to the gym, this is the compromise.
Think about it, each break is only a couple of minutes so it’s a guaranteed HIIT session (read: effective) and by the time you’re done, you’ll have completed at least 15 minutes of cardio, which is better than nothing, right?
But since it’s only a small window, it’s important to make it count. So, we turned to the BUF Girls to help us out because if anyone knows how to get your heart rate up, stat, it’s them.
Below, they’ve shared a four-minute calorie-torching cardio workout. It’s easy to follow, requires no equipment and will have your heart beating faster than a bachelorette at a rose ceremony.
[jwplayer sCPloq2G]

(U)nstoppable Cardio Workout

Each set consists of two exercises and two rounds. Perform both exercises once and then repeat them before moving onto the next set. Press play and follow along with the girls or set a timer and perform each exercise for 10 seconds before moving on to the next.

Set 1: Superstar Minute

  1. Star jumps
  2. Plank jacks


Set 2: Ninja Minute

  1. Punches
  2. 3 shuffles and a float


Set 3: Sporty minute

  1. Bound and retreat
  2. Lateral shuffle with rotation


Set 4: Surfer girl minute

  1. Surfer squat with turn
  2. High knees

Want more from the BUF Girls? You can workout with them online or in person by joining their group training sessions in Sydney. And if you’re not in the area, find out when they’re coming to a town near you. 

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