7 Beauty Stories That Got You Talking This Year

Our top beauty stories of 2016, all in one place.

In the Amodrn team, we have a wide range of beauty styles. Some of us always have perfectly styled hair and swear by a good lippy. Others are extremely lazy about their hair (okay, it’s me), but will never be seen without groomed brows and a coat of mascara. But despite our different personal tastes, we all LOVE writing about beauty. Whether it’s road testing products or giving you the lowdown on innovative new treatments, we’re always keen to give you the inside beauty scoop. Luckily for us, you guys also love reading our beauty stories. Here were some of your favourites this year:

11 Anti-ageing Superheros

‘Anti-ageing’ was the phrase on everybody’s lips this year, whether it was when to start or how to do it. There are so many different anti-ageing products on the shelves these days that quite frankly, it can be hard to know where to begin! We decided to make things simple for you guys with our ultimate guide to the best products to help turn back the clock on your skin!
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Got Eczema? This Could Help

You guys were itching to know how to treat this pesky skin condition. Affecting one in three Australians, eczema is extremely common. But just because it’s common, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. We did our research and showed you guys how to banish dry, flaking skin for good!
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Why ‘Vagina Facials’ Are The Latest Beauty Craze

vagina facial
Image: iStock

A lot of weird spa treatments have emerged this year (vampire facials, anyone?) but ‘vajacials’ were definitely one of the craziest. We had the inside scoop on what they are, how they’re done and most importantly, whether you should do it (probably not!) Even if you guys won’t be racing to your nearest spa for a vagina facial any time soon, you sure loved reading about it!
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4 Beauty Vitamins That Just Don’t Work — And 3 That Do

Image: iStock
Image: iStock

We’ve always known that looking gorgeous starts from within, but this year we all got serious about beauty vitamins. Everywhere you looked, there seemed to be a new ‘beauty superfood blend’ or hair, skin and nails supplement. But we realised that a few ingredients in these beauty vitamins weren’t quite living up to the hype. So, we decided to sort the overrated beauty vitamins from the one’s you actually should be taking!
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Do You Have ‘Wine Face’?

Image: iStock
Image: iStock

In this popular article, nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill showed us how to spot whether you have ‘wine face,’ ‘sugar face,’ ‘gluten face’ or ‘dairy face.’ We all know that you are what you eat, but we learned that the appearance of your skin is a great indicator of your internal health. We definitely recommend checking out the article if you’re having breakouts but aren’t quite sure what’s causing them!
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7 Beauty Ingredients You Didn’t Know Were Harmful

beaty-cabinet-featureThis year, we became a little suspicious about what nasty chemicals were lurking in our beauty bags. So, we sat down with Jo Lam – founder of natural beauty retailer Orli and experienced ingredient decoder! Jo told us which potentially toxic ingredients we should be looking out for on the ingredients labels of our beauty products. She also explained what some of these nasties can do to our long-term health. Warning, it’s quite scary!
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A Look Inside An Editor’s Natural Beauty Bag

Once we’d cleared out all our toxic makeup, it was time to stock up on new, natural makeup! Luckily, we found plenty of inspiration when natural beauty connoisseur and Amodrn contributor Natalie Shukur gave us a peek inside her makeup bag! From foundation to mascara, Natalie’s clean cosmetic picks had us racing to the closest shopping centre.
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