Why vagina facials are the latest beauty craze

Facials aren't just for your face anymore.

These days, there seems to be a beauty treatment for everything. From keratin treatments on your tresses down to shellac manicures on your toes, every last inch of our bodies now can be primped and plucked to perfection.

However, there’s one body part that always seems to be neglected: the humble vagina. Sure, shaving, waxing and even vajazzling (decorating your pubic zone with glitzy jewels) have all been around for a while. But these procedures focus on the exterior of your downstairs area, when we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts! After all, there’s no point having a perfectly landscaped front yard if the inside of your house is a mess, right? Enter, the vajacial, otherwise known as vaginal rejuvenation.

What is it?

As the name suggests, this indulgent treatment is like a facial for your nether regions. The DIY version was first created by Lisa Palmer from the UK. The 41-year-old wanted to rejuvenate the appearance of her vagina without turning to cosmetic surgery. So, she began searching for a natural remedy. She discovered that steaming her vagina and lathering on a mix of coconut oil, vitamin E cream, honey and egg whites gave her genitals a youthful glow and improved dryness, tightness and elasticity.

Leave it to the pros

Sounds great, right? But experimenting with half the kitchen cabinet down there isn’t always the best idea, as it can mess with the natural pH of your vagina. Luckily, you can recruit the help of seasoned pros, as vajacials are now available in salons all over the world!

Recommended by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, vaginal steaming has popped up in health spas across the US, including the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Los Angeles. Their v-steam treatment involves sitting on a throne-like chair with a hole, while a combination of herbs like mugwort work their magic on your ladygarden. It’s said to cleanse the uterus, provide a natural energy boost and ease menstrual cramps.

Over in San Francisco, Stript Wax Bar offers a 50-minute vajacial where the vagina is exfoliated, ingrown hairs are extracted and a lightening treatment is applied.

Here in Australia, vaginal pampering has been taken to the next level by Melbourne dermatology clinic ENRICH. Their vaginal rejuvenation treatment uses the minimally invasive Juliet laser to treat women suffering from dryness, discomfort or vaginal relaxation.

“We provide a supportive and comfortable environment for women to be relieved of painful, frustrating and sometimes debilitating problems in their intimate areas,” says Dr Michael Rich, the founder of ENRICH.

What does it do

The hour-long laser treatment promises to deliver results in three areas:

  • The inner lining of the vagina is hydrated and thickened, improving lubrication and lessening discomfort.
  • The vaginal canal and supporting structures around the bladder are tightened, improving sensation with intercourse and reducing urine leakage.
  • The outer labia is plumped and the inner labia is tightened and retracted.

Whether or not you’re happy with your lady parts just the way they are, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether vajacials are worth the hype!

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