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The Art of Being, According to a Spiritual Master

We speak to Bryant Wood.

Please disagree with everything we write here if it doesn’t apply to your direct experience. What you need for your energy is unique to you. That being said, your energy is your destiny. Every impulse, thought, perception of reality, identity, and quality of decision is the by-product of the godly goo inside you. Today, we will learn about the art of being from spiritual master, Bryant Wood, because it is about creating your world, and we are all connected through this. Keep reading to learn more!

Image: Courtesy of Harry Cunningham via Unsplash

The Art of Being, According to a Spiritual Master

The benefits of being are simply being able to live in the present moment. Feel the wind on your skin. Enjoy your food. Keep your heart open to people. Happiness is what spontaneously arises through you when you learn how to be. Try this practice. First, place a hand on your heart and feel your hand on your chest. Really feel it. Then, remove your hand and continue to focus on your heart. As if light is coming through your chest, see the world from this space. Breath into this space in your heart, calm your nervous system, and look at everything around you as if you are seeing it for the first time. Don’t think; just see. Spend time here, and the limitations of who you think you were will dissolve into something much more connected and free. Have fun with this practice, and make it your own.

The Heart Can Be Your Refuge

The heart can be your refuge. This completely changes the pace of your life. You are not thinking about the future or the past; you are here, and now, feeling the great movement where the experience and the experiencer become one. The next stage of this is to be completely honest with how you are feeling. When you are in the now, you use your free will to take care of your energy by managing your stress and emotions. Find what works best for your energy. This can be anything; I myself have given away my belongings three times to understand lightness. Now, I know it’s not an object that weighs us down, but our perception of the world around us and where we are seeing it from. When you are in your heart, you are connected to the intuition and the vibration that is around you.

Not only are you creating better vibes for others, but you are in tune with what is real for you in the moment and what wants to be expressed. This is an invitation to begin opening up to what is real for you in the here and now. It’s all okay. Before you ask the angels for help, call a friend. When you sincerely ask, you will have an answer. Apply what you learn to your direct experience. This is all through little to no effort, just a shift in state and energy. The more we practice this, the more connection and authenticity we bring into our lives. You win this game called life when you can be yourself.

Replenish Your Cup

The art of being: Is how you replenish your cup so you can pour into others. Are you taking more than what you need on a moment to moment basis? If you are feeling unsafe, can you create a feeling of safety in your system? Are you stressed or over excited? Can you create balance and peace for self? Learning to manage your emotions in the present moment will lead to a presence in life. The two main components of this are breath and awareness. Understanding these foundation tools will teach how to feel comfortable and nourished. Awareness is in everything. If you take a moment, you can notice that there is something that is watching your thoughts. When you are not thinking, there is something you are experiencing. Learning how to focus awareness will help you reprogram your subconscious, which can be considered as the driver of your decisions. On a moment to moment basis, what are you focusing on? The flowers, sun, earth, someone smiling? Or are you stuck in your mind worrying? This is okay, but oftentimes, we make what we lack our god, and that’s what we focus on. Imagine if you only focused on what you enjoyed or had no thoughts at all? This would be a pretty sweet life, I would say!

Imagine if you got to a point where you didn’t have to worry about what you were focusing on because you have programmed yourself to be completely present with life! Breath is another tool. Devoting my life to breathwork has led not only to a consistent wonderful state of being but has also taught me how to deal with hard sticky emotions. This is what I learned. Breath is a tool to control the unconscious processes of your body. You can change the state of your emotions just by focusing on the breath. Heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves can all be shifted with breathing. Learn how to harness your breath and focus your awareness, and then you can be embodied in your beingness because there is no judgment of the experience, just one miracle leading you to the next. This can’t be explained or understood through words. You will learn just as much by watching a tree and breathing it in, as you would reading anything I could write here. I wish you freedom.

Meet the Expert

Bryant Wood is a global traveler who has immersed himself in enriching experiences with the goal bring something authentically his own into the world. He is a Master Breathwork instructor, and is currently certified as a Priest, NLP Practitioner, Pranashamanic Yoga, believer in inclusive mindlfulness, motivational coach, and Mental Health Consultant certified through Kindred.

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