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This Is to How You Find Your Soulmate Through Manifestation

It takes a few simple steps to find love.

We’ve been hearing it all of our lives, manifestation is the key to getting everything you want in life. Manifestation is the spiritual theory that through regular meditation and positive, critical thinking, you will be able to make any of your dreams and/or desires come true or become reality. If you really want something and truly believe that you can get it, it will happen to you. While The Secret, the bestseller that started this trend in the Western world was published almost 12 years ago, is old news, TikTok has Gen Z manifesting all of their desires. Sometimes, this is even through the app. Many of the app’s spiritual users have a strategy in line for manifesting your soulmate to come into your life. We did some digging to find out exactly how to do this. Keep reading for more!

Image: Roman Kraft via Unsplash

This Is to How You Find Your Soulmate Through Manifestation

1) Give yourself lots of self-love and learn to love yourself

The first step is to become a magnet for love by loving yourself. This is something we’ve even heard outside of manifestation. To attract love, give yourself love. Don’t judge yourself, don’t be harsh, do some self-care, and love every part of you.

2) Mirror your future soulmate

The second step is to write down all of the things you want in a soulmate, physical and spiritual. Take away the physical and become those things. If you want your soulmate to be kind and understanding with everyone they meet, you must also become these things. This is the law of attraction.

3) Don’t settle for less

You must remember that you’re worth so much in this life. If something doesn’t feel right, but you are afraid of being alone or not finding your soulmate, walk away regardless. A truly healthy attachment will feel just right.

4) Have some patience

Sometimes, things take longer to happen. We are not all on the same timeline in life. If you are living your truth, the universe will help you out with the rest. Focus on self-love and all the love that you already have in your life.



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