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These Are the Reasons We Need to Switch Up Our Skincare for Winter

We spoke to the founder of SHEN Beauty.

As we are officially heading into fall, we all know we need to change up our skincare routine. What is the reasoning behind this switch-up? Is it the weather and the way the environment changes, or something completely different? We know it’s on everyone’s mind so we decided to get the low-down on this all-important question.  We spoke to SHEN Beauty Founder, Jessica Richards, on how to switch up our skincare for winter. Shen Beauty is way more than the average beauty retailer. SHEN Beauty recently opened its updated Brooklyn studio in 2020. Thanks to founder Jessica Richards, SHEN is known as Brooklyn’s beauty oasis. Keep reading to learn more!

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These Are the Reasons We Need to Switch Up Our Skincare for Winter

What happens to our skin in the summer?

 In the summer our skin tends to produce more oil, which can lead to more breakouts, mask-wearing in the hot summer really doesn’t help to aid the breakouts either.  The odd thing is though that skin can feel drier and if you live in dryer climates, it might actually lack moisture.  Of course the number one thing we tend to see if the freckles or sunspots, the amount of sun, and lack of SPF is a serious ager over time.  Not to mention the chlorine and saltwater will definitely dry out your skin and chlorine has been shown to increase eczema and seriously irritate your skin.

What happens to our skin in between the summer and winter that we need to prepare for it?

The in-between months are confusing for your skin, especially if you live in a place with seasons as opposed to the sun all year California weather.  Getting your skin prepped for winter as fall comes is an important step we all need to take.  With the changing seasons, it’s important to get a facial to remove “summer” from your skin and add in some of those super serums that really do all the work.  Make sure to exfoliate all the dead skin of summer off and add in some extra serums to protect from pigmentation caused by the sun, and add in super hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

What products do you recommend for this transition and why?

The most important thing here is a facial, if one cannot afford a monthly, then do a quarterly reset for your skin.  Think about it you start wearing sweaters and maybe even jeans so if you are changing what you wear then think about how to treat your skin too.  It needs that extra hydration.  For an easy option of hydration, the first step would be adding in a hyaluronic acid like Venn’s which is a hero at SHEN and has clinical results to prove the lasting effects of added moisture to the skin.  Make sure to add vitamin C for brightening and evening skin tone, the one I’m currently loving is the Skin Design London one.
I have found lasting effects. And then, of course, if pigmentation is your issue go for the Environ A+B Serum.  This product is amazing, but it does take time to show the effects.  So be patient.  Next, I would say add in a moisturizer.  For me, I always have very dry skin so I mix an oil like Supernal with a cream-like Bynacht Nocturnal Cream as they are both super thick.  Then I follow up with SPF … never leave the house without it. At night I make sure to exfoliate with Youth to the People Yerba Mate Resurfacing Peel.  I feel like it just sets my skin up for the application of all the hydrating, brightening, skin-perfecting serums I’m using.

When should we start switching products? Are there signs we should look out for?

Start switching your products when you start to notice yourself wearing a sweatshirt or jeans, it’s an easy thing you notice when you put away those flowy summer dresses with despair.  But I would say using those hero serums in the interim is the best way to go!

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