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Have Dull Skin? Here’s What Usually Causes It

From pollution to dehydration.

When it comes to our skin, it changes all of the time. Truly, it can look one way one day and then another the next. We are humans with an ever-changing environment and that actually has quite a bit to do with what makes our skin look glowing and then dull. Are you someone that has dull skin? Here’s are the things that usually cause this type of issue. Keep reading for more about dull skin and its causes!

Have Dull Skin? Here’s What Usually Causes It

1) Pollution

One cause of dull skin may be the environment around you. Pollution’s toxicity could be dealing with having less of a glowing, healthy complexion. According to MBG, tiny toxic particles like carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide emissions can block your pores and reduce the amount of oxygen in your skin. Yuck! You’ve got to make sure that you’re washing your skin with a great face wash and a toner. Second, you can add some anti-pollution skincare into your routine.

dull skin
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2) Not Enough Antioxidants

Not getting enough antioxidants can lead to dull skin too. But the other issues that this can cause. According to MBG, oxidative stress can trigger dark spots, sagging, collagen loss, wrinkles, dryness, and almost every other skincare concern out there. Ever heard of inflammation? It can cause that too. Try to eat foods rich in antioxidants to combat this.

dull skin
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3) Stress

Isn’t it crazy that stress can allow our skin to look a different way. Our literal way of thinking. When you’re stressed, blood flow is taken away from your skin. No circulation, more inflammation. The fix to this is hard or difficult, depending on your opinion. Try to stress less, try some meditation, and breathing exercises are our favorite.

dull skin
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4) Dehydration

Dehydration can be a culprit of this skin condition. While not drinking enough water over time can cause your skin to look like it’s glowing less, but drinking more won’t necessarily do anything. We recommend hydrating your skin with an oil or a hyaluronic acid topically to fix dull skin.

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