Aussie Model, Erin Holland, Shares Her Daily Skincare Routine

Hint: It involves sunscreen.

erin holland skincare routine
Image: @erinvholland

Growing up in Far North Queensland, naturally, Erin Holland is a lover of the sun, sand and sea. With a history of skin cancer in her family and having had several potentially dangerous spots removed from her body herself, Erin is more conscious than ever to ensure she’s looking after her skin the best she can.
In light of recent statistics which indicate that 78% of Australians surveyed don’t wear sunscreen everyday, Erin feels passionately about promoting the importance of being vigilant with sun safety.

erin holland skincare tips
Image: @erinvholland

Here, we chat to the former Miss World Australia, singer, TV host, charity worker and now ambassador for Neutrogena’s new sun care range about her no-fuss yet highly effective skincare routine which gives her *that* summer glow:

Do you have a specific morning/night routine you follow?

Yes! For my morning routine, after a quick cleanse to ensure I’ve gotten rid of any excess makeup, the first step is always to apply my sunscreen to ensure I’m hydrated and protected throughout the day – it also acts as a makeup primer prior to applying my foundation. I put a put a little bit of concealer on my problem areas and my favourite Becca Highlighter and I’m good to go. At night, I apply my Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Cream. I’m very diligent in ensuring all of my makeup is removed before bed to ensure I have clean skin and it can breath overnight before applying my night cream.

erin holland summer skincare tips
Image: @erinvholland

What is one beauty rule that has always worked for you?

I always plan my beauty around one focal point, whether it be a statement eye or a statement lip or letting the skin do the talking. I don’t try to do too much, just focus on one point of the face as the focus and build around it.

Best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

The importance of having a healthy canvas to work with. Your beauty look will never look as fab if your skin is lacklustre, so it’s always important it’s hydrated and healthy.

Apart from a good skincare routine, how else do you ensure you’re looking after your skin?

Skin is a direct representation of how your body is feeling so lot’s of water, plenty of rest and a balanced diet is always going to give me the best possible results for my skin. And of course, don’t forget sun protection! Sunscreen everyday.

Ultimate hair hack on busy mornings/when you’re on the go?

You can’t go wrong with a tussled wave. When I’m time poor a few messy GHD waves can always take you from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Or a sleek paired back bun with a middle part is always quick and easy.
Want more? Click here as Erin’s trainer, Ben Lucas, reveals her strength training routine!

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