Sayonara Salami: Sydney Just Got Its First Vegan Deli

Shift Eatery Vegan Deli Sydney Surry Hills

I can’t imagine vegans spend much time in delis. Amid the cured meats, matured cheeses and that mysterious luncheon slice we call devon, they’d hardly feel at home. But thanks to a new café-cum-deli that’s opened in Surry Hills, that’s all about to change.
Opening its doors two weeks ago, Shift Eatery is Sydney’s first 100% vegan deli. Offering both an all-day menu and products in-store, it’s a one-stop shop for all your #vegan needs.
In the deli, you’ll find a large range of products including chocolate, ice-cream, spreads, cheese, milk, pies and soy-based meats (including schnitzels, duck and calamari) while the menu includes fun takes on typically meaty meals. There’s a “ham and cheese” sandwich, a “chicken” club and even a Reuben, but not as you know them. Case in point: the classic ham and cheeze comes with homemade hummus, turmeric and ginger kimchi, fresh cucumber and tomato. Along with sambos, there are delicious bowls, sweet and savoury toast options and the Brekky Bun with pulled jackfruit, a vegan egg and sweet chipotle mayo, all carefully crafter by chef, Juan Carlos Miranda (of Plant Gallery).

As for the coffee, it’s coming from Marvel St Roasters in Byron Bay. And what it lacks in cow’s milk it makes up for in just about every nut possible, offering a wide range of non-dairy options, including creamy macadamia. Not to mention hot chocolate and teas to go with vegan doughnuts, tarts and cakes supplied by Sydney-based sweet creators Treat Dreams and Houghnuts.
But Shift Eatery is not just for vegans. With tongue-in-cheek twists on classically carnivorous dishes, the team hope to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. There aim is to make it easy and accessible for those toying with the idea of making the “shift” (cue ahhh moment).
While it’s not the first vegan deli in Australia (surprise, surprise, Melbourne beat you to it), there’s nothing like Shift Eatery in Sydney. And if Melbourne’s equivalent is anything to go by, its customers will have no qualms saying sayonara salami.

Shift Eatery

Shop 4, 241 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

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