Roxy Jacenko Launches 'Clean & Lean Salads' With Chargrill Charlie's

Roxy Jacenko, owner of Sydney-based PR firm, Sweaty Betty, is absolutely nailing this thing called life — she runs multiple successful businesses, is a busy mum-of-two (cue; school pick-ups and drop-offs) and somehow, somehow still manages to make it to the gym of a morning and maintain that rig.
In her exciting new venture, Roxy has teamed up with Chargrill Charlie’s (a fave amongst Sydney-siders and celebs alike — think; Justin Bieber, Oprah, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman) to create three healthy and nutritious salads as part of their regular menu during the months of February and March.

roxy jacenko salads
Image: Dominic Loneragan

If you follow Roxy on Instagram, you would’ve noticed that the PR queen has stepped up her health and fitness regime in the past 12 months after a breast cancer scare that reminded her that she needs to make her health more of a priority.
Keep scrolling as we steal Roxy away from her desk to share some of her health and fitness secrets with us here at Amodrn and be sure to check out her “Summer Melt” salad recipe below if you’re keen to give it a go at home (or you can just swing by Chargrill Charlie’s to pick one up — no judgement).

Can you take us through your typical day on a plate?

8AM – 1 x slice of toast with Vegemite and fresh green juice
9:30AM – 1 x skim piccolo
12:30PM – 12 x cooked tuna mini rolls and grilled prawn on rice
2PM – Small bowl of sweet nectar grapes from GrapeCo
4PM – 1 x Killer Python lolly, they’re my weakness!
7:30PM – Medium ‘The Shred’ Salad for dinner from my Chargrill Charlie’s salad range (Butter Lettuce, bean sprouts, grilled asparagus, cucumber, shredded chicken breast, celery, mint, chives with a light Asian style dressing) and their baked Tasmanian Salmon for added protein
9PM – I love a handful of fresh raspberries before bed stops me from having another Killer Python!

How do you stay healthy on the weekends?

I stick to three meals a day, for me not snacking is the key. Also, I like to take the kids to the park or the beach so we can be outside and active. Hunter loves a good push up competition!

What does your current fitness regime look like?

I’ve just had to undergo a breast reconstruction due to my cancer, so my current training has been very focused on the lower stomach down during recovery. I’ll be very happy to never do a squat again! However, my training is always about weights and resistance — lots of TRX, not cardio. I’m not interesting in being the fittest person, I want to be ripped! I train 4 mornings a week now and change it up between Ben Lucas and Ryan at Flow Athletic and Dylan Rivier to keep it interesting.

How do you try and keep sugar cravings at bay?

A handful of fresh raspberries, grapes or passionfruit — it gives you that sweet hit without the calories!



roxy jacenko salads
Image: Dominic Loneragan

Feeds 4
300g Halloumi
300g Barley
1.5 Cucumbers (Sliced)
¾ Punnet of Heirloom Tomatoes (Cut in Half)
¼ Bunch of Parsley (Finely Chopped)
¼ Bunch of Basil
60g of Chickpeas
60g of Artichokes
¼ Red Onion (Finely Diced)
1 Pomegranate (De-Seeded)
¼ Radicchio


100mL Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100mL Lemon Juice
25g Honey
Salt & Pepper to Taste

  1. Cook Halloumi on stove top, rolled in honey. Slice halloumi and add to dry frying pan. Cook the first side for a minute or two until halloumi releases some liquid and is lightly coloured, then flip. Let Cool.
  2. Combine barley and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until tender. (45 – 60 minutes).
  3. Mix Barley, artichoke, chickpeas, tomatoes and half of the basil, parsley and red onion in separate bowl
  4. Lay bottom of bowl with radicchio followed by barley mix, then add chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes
  5. Add dressing and toss
  6. Chop Halloumi and layer on top of salad
  7. Garnish with pomegranate and remaining parsley and basil

Visit and @chargrillcharlies for more.

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