Meet Our New Instagram Crush: Riva G

The phenomenal yogi on her morning ritual, guilty pleasure and more.

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With breathtaking settings, stylish activewear and some awe-inspiring poses, yoga accounts have quickly become amongst the most addictive on Instagram—along with super-cute puppy accounts (admit it, you follow them, too!)
Our most recent obsession? Riva G. She’s one of the most fearless and agile yogis we’ve come across, providing positive daily mantras and, of course, gorgeous globe-trotting yoga photos. After checking out her feed, we guarantee you’ll be inspired to roll out that mat, zen out and limber up, too!
Riva graciously sat down with us to reveal a few of her health and wellness secrets. Read on for her morning ritual, go-to yoga outfit and the healthy snack she can’t get enough of!

Ice Breakers

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Born and raised: Chicago, IL.
Currently living: Just outside of NYC.
Known for: Being a dork and loving my sleep.
Personal motto: If you can’t stop dreaming about it, don’t stop working for it.
Success is: Being able to follow your heart, staying true to yourself, and finding contentment in your daily life.
Advice I would give my 20-year-old self: You can’t possibly make everyone happy, it’s ok to say no sometimes.
People are surprised that I: Used to work as a software developer.
The biggest risk I’ve taken that actually paid off: Leaving the corporate path to pursue my dream job.
I’m most proud of: My kids.
My most used emoji is: 😂 😂 😂


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Wake up time: Sometime between 7-8:30, unless I practice at sunrise, then 6.
Morning ritual: I start the day with a cup of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice, then move onto coffee while catching up on e-mails. After that it varies depending on the day; either I’ll be working on a shoot for a client, busy writing an article, or heading out to teach.
Healthy snack that’s $$$ but worth it: I have a mild obsession with Trader Joe’s dried mangos. They’re not that expensive, but let’s just say I should probably order them in bulk.
Last thing I do before bed: Stretch on my yoga mat for a few minutes, even if I’ve had a practice earlier in the day, it really helps my body unwind and get ready for sleep.
Guilty pleasure: Not getting dressed until noon.
3 things vital to my day: Coffee, yoga, a good night’s sleep.
Cafe: my kitchen, or Birch Coffee (in NYC).
Juice: Mango smoothie.
Coffee: Latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Website I check religiously: Amazon
Favourite place to sweat: The beach, or wherever my yoga mat is.


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Bra/tank: A sports bra with one of my ‘#butfirstyoga’ tank-tops.
Leggings: There are so many great brands and styles, I love wearing them all.
Shoes: Either barefoot or anything with a red bottom.
Sunglasses: I tend to lose almost every pair I own, but I love Tom Ford and Chloe.
Watch: I almost never wear one.
Store: Rage & Bone or Sandro.
New season must-have: Off-the-shoulder everything.

Culture & Tech

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App: Maps.Me
Binge watch: Game of Thrones
Instagram stalk: @lauraiz
Album love: My playlists are constantly changing, but right now I’m digging BØRNS, Marion Hill, and Rihanna.

Where can we e-stalk you?!

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Instagram: @riva_g_
Facebook: Riva G Yoga
Snap: riva_g

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