This Is The Transeasonal Footwear Trend We'll Be Living In All Autumn


For as long as I can remember, my dad has lived in Birkenstocks. As a man with abnormally wide feet, they’re one of few shoes that actually fit him. He wears them out of comfort and functionality, not fashion, and growing up, my three cruel siblings and I persistently ridiculed him for that fact.
So when his “Jesus sandals” appeared on the catwalk back in 2013, we had to eat our words. Sure, the shoes shown were just a reinterpretation of the classic Arizona but the silhouette—which we’d all banished into ugly shoe oblivion—was undoubtedly the same.
Since that first appearance, Birkenstocks have made a real comeback. (A turn of events my dad likes to lay claim to). So much so, they’re the new Havaianas and we live in them all summer long. But with the recent change in season comes a reluctant but inevitable change in footwear. Soon, we’ll be pulling on socks and swapping sandals for our favourite sneakers…or will we?
It seems Birkenstocks wasn’t the only legacy of my trendsetting father. Rumour has it, socks and sandals are set to be the transeasonal footwear trend for 2017. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Olsen twins, who’ve been spotted sporting the combo on numerous occasions, or visit the Wikipedia page.
The way I see it, there’s no reason summer slides can’t be winter slides. I’m fully onboard the #socksandstocks trend. If you’d like to join me, here’s some style tips to get you started.


Go Neutral

free people, birkenstocks with socks, stocks with socks,
Free People March Catalogue 2017

Shop the look → Birkenstocks and socks. 

Or Contrast

birkenstocks with socks, stocks with socks,

Shop the look → Birkenstocks and socks.

Pair It With A Floaty Dress

billie edwards,
via @billiebillie

Shop the look → Birkenstocks.

Don’t limit yourself to Birkenstocks

teva, teva with socks, birkenstocks with socks, stocks with socks,

Shop the look → Teva sandals (left & right) and socks (leftright).

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

birkenstocks with socks, stocks with socks,

Shop the look → Teva sandals. 

It Can Look Sophisticated

socks and sandals

Shop the look → sandals and socks.

Try Heels

clogs and socks, socks and sandals

Shop the look → clogs and socks.

And Sporty Socks

heels and socks

Shop the look → socks.

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