15 Super Inspiring Fitness Influencers To Follow For Workout Motivation

There's no detox tea promos or ab mirror selfies in sight!

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I tend to go through phases with following fitness influencers on social media. Every now and again, I’ll become super keen for some workout motivation and indiscriminately follow heaps of fitness accounts. Then, a few months later (normally after I’ve scoffed down a burger) I’ll scroll through Instagram and feel crappy as my entire feed is filled with pictures of toned, bronzed abs. This usually results in me unfollowing most of the accounts I originally followed! It’s a silly cycle and I eventually realised that the issue was (apart from my own insecurity) the types of #fitpso accounts I was following. You know the kind I’m talking about — they’re filled with ab mirror shots and detox tea/protein shaker shots and not a whole lot else.
I realised that the types of fitness accounts I actually wanted to follow were the ones who didn’t just show me their results, but also how they got there. I wanted to see what kind of things they eat, how they work out and let’s be honest, proof that they’re human and occasionally eat donuts, too! These types of accounts are still out there, but they’re not necessarily the people who have a million followers. They’re the people who may have a few hundred thousand followers, but also have a genuine passion for health and fitness and aren’t just trying to make money. So, if you’re in need of some workout motivation, here are our fave up-and-coming fitness Instagrammers, Snapchatters and bloggers.

Keep it cleaner

This blog by model besties Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw is an absolute goldmine for all things #fitspo. Think delicious, wholefood recipes, at-home workouts and heaps of useful advice on keeping your bod in tip-top shape.

Eliza Landgren

A photo posted by Eliza Landgren (@elle_fit) on

Eliza is the brains (and bod) behind Elle Fit Active, an online program dedicated to stretching for pain relief. We love following her personal insta @elle_fit for the gorgeous beach shots in her home of the Sunshine Coast.

Bec Donlan

Bec is an Aussie girl living the dream over in the Big Apple. Her Instagram @sweatwithbec is equal parts fitness and food inspiration — and we can’t stop scrolling!

Chontel Duncan

It’s a big call, but Chontel may have the most ripped abs in Australia! The HIIT Australia trainer also happens to have two adorable little boys, so her insta is a great one to follow if you’re a mama looking for some workout inspiration!

Danielle Robertson

A post shared by Danielle Robertson (@dannibelle) on

Queensland-based Danielle is a law student, personal trainer and also happens to be ridiculously gorgeous. No fair! Luckily, she dishes her health and fitness advice on her blog and Instagram @dannibelle for us mere mortals.

Fay Hokulani

A post shared by Fay Hokulani (@fayhokulani) on

Fitness instructor Fay is one seriously strong and bendy gal! When she’s not blogging at withlovefay.com, you can find her sharing workout videos and shots of her healthy, colourful meals on her Instagram @fayhokulani.

Allana Ferguson

Allana may look like your quintessential beach babe, but she’s actually a rugby league player for the Jillaroos! Her Instagram @allanaferg_ is a mix of shots of her doing her thing on the sports field, looking glam at events and hanging at the beach — and we’re lovin’ all of it!

Jasmine Chong

A post shared by Jasmine Chong (@jasmine_yoga) on

Singaporean yogi Jasmine may look tiny, but she’s crazy strong! Her Instagram @jasmine_yoga is packed with pics of her getting into positions we didn’t even know existed. Perfect inspiration for anyone who’s into yoga!

Nude Yoga Boy

A post shared by Nude Yoga Boy (@nudeyogaboy) on

You may have heard of the Nude Yoga Girl and wondered where her male counterpart is. Introducing, @nudeyogaboy! While we don’t know much about the mysterious Maui-based dude yet, it’s safe to say his feed is one of our new favourites.

Lyzabeth Lopez

A post shared by Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez) on

Toronto-based trainer and holistic nutritionist Lyzabeth is giving us serious #bootygoals. We love following her on snapchat @lyzabeth, as she takes you along with her as she trains her clients (so we can pick up some tips for sculpting a backside like hers!)

Christmas Abbott

Olympic weightlifter and CrossFit trainer Christmas’ snapchat, @christmasabbott, is our go-to for strength workout ideas and healthy, balanced meals. She also has her own workout and nutrition program, The Badass Body Diet.

Amy Pejkovic

A post shared by Amy Pejkovic (@amypejkovic) on

You’d be forgiven for thinking Amy was a Victoria’s Secret model at first glance at her insta, @amypejkovic. While she is a part-time model, she also happens to be a professional high jumper! The athlete battled (and recovered from) a brain tumour aged just 19, so is all about sharing her healthy lifestyle on her feed.

Morgan Mitchell

A post shared by Morgan Mitchell (@morganmitch) on

Melbourne-based Morgan is an absolute picture of health. She’s glowing, toned and looks like she could crush walnuts with her strong legs. Hardly surprising, considering she’s a professional sprinter who competed in the 2016 Olympics! She shares plenty of training pics and snaps of her delicious, vegan meals on her instagram, @morganmitch.

Riva G

A post shared by Riva G (@riva_g_) on

If you like photos of people doing yoga in front of beautiful scenery, you’ll love @riva_g‘s feed! And once you’re done stalking the NYC yogi’s colourful feed, you can check out her health and wellness tips at her blog, rivagyoga.com.

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