You’ve Been Loading the Dishwasher the Wrong Way This Whole Time

This is the right way to do it (and we'll tell you why).

It’s happened to all of us. You open the dishwasher after it runs its cycle and you find a few broken dishes, food still on the plates and pools of water in upside-down cups. How did this happen, why did it happen? You spend so much on that nice glassware set. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s actually a right way to load the dishwasher. A method that’ll keep your dishes safe from breaking all over each other and sparkling clean. It seems simple, but it might surprise you what works best. We’ve listed our top five tips to keep in mind when stacking dishes. Keep reading for more!

This Is the Right Way To Load the Dishwasher

1) Do Not Pre-Rinse

Yes, the urban myth you heard at other households your entire life is true. Whenever you slept over at a friend’s and saw their parents do this, you might’ve gasped. But they’re actually right! According to BA“if you’ve got a full load ready to go, scrape off the serious gunk and bits of food, hit start, and don’t look back.” To be perfectly honest, this actually saves so much more water than you previously thought.

how to load the dishwasher
Image: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

2) Do Not Put the Wrong Items Into the Dishwasher

There are a few things that you should still handwash at all times. A dishwasher may take a big toll on a lot of what you’re loving to use when you cook. No-no includes sharp knives, wooden items (like spoons and cutting boards, could warp or crack, so keep them out), pans, twisty reusable straws, ceramics, family heirlooms, and fine china.

dirty dishes
Image: Douglas Bagg via Unsplash

3) Load From Back To Front

When loading your dishwasher, load from back to front to fit in the most stuff you possibly can. While you’re at it, while you’re unloading, do it from top to bottom. Bon Appetit recommends, “Place bowls and cups facedown or at an angle so they don’t harbor puddles, and keep plates on the bottom shelf where the spray is strongest. Don’t nest things like Russian dolls; if the water can’t reach something, it won’t be cleaned.”

how to load the dishwasher
Image: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

4) Don’t Block the Jets

If you’re curious as to why you’re constantly finding food all over your plates, even after your incredibly powerful dishwasher pod and strong machine have had their way with them. You might’ve actually blocked the thing washing them in the first place. We recommend you keep that area open for any and all strength to seep through and wash your dishes. This is the easiest way to guarantee your plates are as clean as ever when you open your dishwasher.

how to load the dishwasher the right way
Image: Loud Space via Unsplash

5) Always Run the Dishwasher When It Is Full

Please, please do not waste our Earth’s precious energy on an empty dishwasher! There is so much waste on our green Earth currently, and we would hate for a dishwashing cycle to be used on a few plates. We recommend purchasing more that one dish set so that you are able to cycle in different dishes when you are running low. Happy washing!

how to load the dishwasher
Image: Tracey Hocking via Unsplash

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