Pinterest’s Predictions for 2018’s Biggest Wellness Trends Are Fascinating

Yoga-wheels, co-washing, air-purifying plants, and more.

Every December Pinterest releases its predictions for the following year’s biggest trends in wellness, food, fashion, beauty, and beyond. These Pinterest trends aren’t just some hurriedly-compiled list, either—the platform considers data about what people are looking for an saving right now, and which searches are on the rise.
The entire list is pretty interesting (desert travel destinations like Morocco, Dubai, and the Atacama Desert in Chile are going to be huge, while statement earrings and berets are both primed for a comeback), but we were most drawn to the list of health, fitness, and beauty trends. To save your scrolling through the entire Pinterest forecast, we’re highlighting a few of the most prominent for you here.


Short for  “conditioner-only washing,” this trend involves skipping shampoo and reaching straight for the conditioner when you wash your hair. It’s suppose to deliver that covetable, elusive finish that lies somewhere between too-clean and second-day hair that’s smoother, softer, and much easier to style.

Tai Chi

We’ve seen HIIT, CrossFit, Bikram, and dozens of other workout trends have their moment in recent years. In 2018, it’s going to be all about Tai Chi, according to Pinterest. Pin saves for the stress-busting exercise have gone up by 189%.

Air-fried foods

Expect all the healthy foodies to ask for their chips air-fried in 2018. (Exhibit A.) For the uninitiated; an air-fryer is a cooking appliance that (allegedly) fries your food without any oil for a healthier alternative to the traditional, full-of-fat (but also flavor!) method.  

Cleansing oils

Using natural, botanical oils to remove makeup and grime (and save your white towels from black mascara) is going to peak in 2018.

Gut-friendly food

After flying under-the-radar in the wellness community for years—and only recently hitting headlines thanks to the popularity of kombucha–gut-friendly diets are about to hit the mainstream. Pinterest users have been searching for ‘gut health’ 251% more frequently!

Pinterest trends 2018
Image via Instagram user @carolinehgroth

Air purifying

City-dwellers are about to take their air-quality a lot more seriously in 2018. Searches for air purifying plants and devices increased by 270% on Pinterest.

Edible essential oils

Most essential oils come with warnings against eating them, but saves for pins with ‘essential oil food recipes’ have increased by 689%. Some essential oils (like lemon and peppermint) can help flavour dishes while also offering health benefits, but you should always check to make sure that your ingredients are food-grade before cooking with them.


Stretching is always a good idea, and the Internet finally agrees. If you’re one of those people who will find any reason to avoid your post-workout warm-down, 2018 might finally be the year you embrace this important step.  Just search ‘post workout stretches’ (up 105% on Pinterest) to help your body recover more efficiently and to avoid injury. Like we said, it’s always a good idea.


Oh, we love this: Saves for “self care” have jumped by 537% on Pinterest, mirroring the growing number of women (and men) who are finally taking the time to look after themselves mentally and physically. Want some effective-but-efficient ways to practice self care in five minutes? Start here.

Yoga wheels

One of the most attractive things about practicing yoga, is you really don’t need anything but yourself and a mat—and perhaps a block, if you like. However, some avid yogis are adding an extra accessory: The yoga wheel. The circular device helps stretch the front side body, massage your spine and can even help you move into more tricky positions. Still not sold? It’s seeing a whopping 72% increase in Pinterest saves.

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