Pat—Don’t Rub Your Skincare In For Maximum Results, Says J-Beauty

The experts have spoken.

Japanese beauty experts think that patting skincare into your face is a much better method than rubbing.
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J-beauty is, by now, a mainstay of our beauty and skincare routines. When it comes to skincare, the Japanese know where it’s at. Snail gel moisturiser, lip masks and glowing yet understated beauty routines set Japan apart as a skincare powerhouse; so when they say “jump” (or “pat”), we say “how high?” (or “how does one best pat their face?”).

Turns out, rubbing your face could have negative consequences for irritation levels, inflammation and sensitive skin. Patting as a technique is flavour of the month as it’s super-gentle and it promotes collagen and stimulates blood flow. Cripes, sign us up.

The technique involves putting a small amount of your prod (moisturiser, face oil or serum) into the palm of one hand. You then rub the product between both palms to warm it up, then pat your nicely warmed-up oil into your face. Start with both hands placed vertically on either side of the nose, then horizontally over the forehead and chin, then down the neck. (Remember: your face stops at your chest.) Simples.

Here’s why you should be giving power to the pat and removing the rub from your skincare application routine:

It’s gentle AF

As we mentioned, rubbing can be a little too aggressive a motion for skincare application; especially if the skin in question is already inflamed or especially sensitive (lookin’ at you, acne or rosacea sufferers). It doesn’t ‘pull’ on your skin in the same way that rubbing does, which also makes it a godsend for anti-ageing routines the world over. All that rubbing over time, can contribute to the appearance of fine lines, which frankly, no one wants to exacerbate. Patting in your prods is particularly important around the sensitive eye area. The skin there is especially delicate, and will quickly wear down or stretch if you apply your creams with too much vigour.

It’s better for your lymph system

Additionally, patting your skincare in limits the possibility of messing up the flow of your lymphatic system. If you’re rubbing on your moisturiser or face oil, you can accidentally wind up pushing against the flow of your lymphatic system, which can make you extra puffy. Patting for president!

It gives a more concentrated dose of product

Basically, if you rub too much, a lot of what you’re rubbing ends up on your hands. And as much as you love your hands, would you usually opt to treat them with such expensive skincare? What’s meant for your face should stay on your face, and patting is definitely the technique that delivers the maximum dose of product. Plus, it’s an excuse to add a dream of a hand-cream into your beauty cupboard. Instead of rubbing it in (and inevitably out at the same time), patting and pressing in your face creams and oils means that all of the benefits of your product are being pushed into the skin, and absorbing quicksmart.

Here’s a big ol’ pat on the back (and face) for J-beauty!

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