Everything You Need To Know About Rosacea

From the cause to treatment.

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Flushed cheeks are one thing, but for many people, persistent blotchy, red skin is a daily occurrence.
Rosacea, characterised by chronic inflammation of the skin (particularly on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead), leaves those who suffer from it perpetually seeking relief from redness. It’s a frustrating and often painful skin affliction as the exact cause is unknown—making it difficult to get a handle on.

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So, in an effort to better understand rosacea, we spoke to Advanced Dermal Therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Erin Holohan and Dermal Therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Amy Cameron.

What is rosacea?

“Rosacea is chronic, non-contagious inflammation of the skin, and typically affects the face of both men and women. Symptoms include persistent, severe redness and hard white nodules that resemble blemishes,” explains Cameron.
Holohan adds: “Generally, rosacea is attributed to genetics, and is very common for those with very fair skin tones.”

What’s the difference between “normal” redness (i.e. flushed cheeks) and rosacea?

According to Holohan, normal redness can be caused by weakened blood vessels or having fine skin and doesn’t cause discomfort or pain. Whereas, rosacea can be extremely itchy and irritating, especially during a bad flare-up.

Are there are any triggers that exacerbate rosacea?

“Hot water, caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, and windy weather conditions are known to make symptoms worse, so limiting or avoiding exposure to these triggers may be helpful. While using the wrong skin care for your needs can also encourage flare-ups,” says Holohan.
Cameron also notes that emotional stress is a common cause for flare-ups, especially among women.

What’s the best way to treat it?

Unfortunately, there is no instant miracle fix, but both skin experts agree that you can minimise it with proper care.
“First and foremost, don’t touch it too much! Touching and picking will only make your skin more irritated. Always cleanse with cool water, as the cold helps to reduce both redness and swelling. Look for soothing topical ingredients in beauty products, like green tea, and be wary of fragrances, harsh chemicals, and artificial additives. I recommend Dr. Spiller Sanvita Gel and CreamLaser treatments, like Lime Light IPL, ND YAG (for veins) and Laser Genesis, can also be great for rosacea sufferers,” says Holohan.
It’s also important to take a holistic approach to your lifestyle if you suffer from rosacea. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce flare-ups. And beauty blends, like The Beauty Chef’s Inner Glow Powder, can nourish your skin from the inside out.
For more information, please visit a dermatologist for a specialised consult. 

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