13 Female-Founded Companies That Are Changing The Beauty Space

From They Call Her Alfie to Golde, here are a few of our favorite women changing the beauty game.

female founded brands
Image: Toa Heftiba
This International Women’s Day is fast approaching and we don’t know about you, but it seems like there’s more to celebrate than ever. The empowering of women is visible from coast to coast. From more female CEOs being hired than ever to incredible film projects told from a woman’s perspective, we’re happy that this decade will bring about some change we’ve been dying to see. Our voices are being heard and our ideas are birthing innovative brands, bringing about incredible change. One field men have dominated from since dawn of time, beauty, has finally given a few influential positions of power to those who know the industry like the back of their hand, women.
Some, have even taken it upon themselves to create companies that embrace their unique perspective on the subject. Female entrepreneurship is next level on another scale. From our own founder Bianca to new leaders in wellness like Trinity Mouzon of Golde, here are a few of our favorite female-founded companies.

13 Female-Founded Companies That Are Changing The Beauty Space

Bianca Cheah-Chalmers: Founder of Amodrn and They Call Her Alfie

Bianca Cheah is an Australian entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and model. She founded our lovely digital publication Amodrn in 2012, which soon became Australia’s leading publication for style and fitness. Bianca has made a huge contribution to Amodrn’s success. Over the past few years, Bianca has gained prominence as Australia’s leading fitness and health expert. By advocating a healthy lifestyle, Bianca has inspired many to embrace fitness and yoga.

She’s also created leading skincare line, They Call Her Alfie, from her need for immediate, visible results from non-toxic ingredients. The best part: BSX technology. The BSX is a new transdermal delivery technology that allows the skin to absorb and retain key ingredients faster and longer. All products include natural ingredients, premium certified CBD, and collagen. Everything is a creation by a nutritional formulator and doctor supported for fast-acting skincare you can trust.

international's womens day
Image: They Call Her Alfie

Trinity Mouzon: Founder of Golde

Golde was founded by Trinity Mouzon in 2016 with the vision of making self-care more inclusive, engaging, and fun. Their products use single-origin turmeric, a potent super-herb perfect for beautifying, healing, and mood-boosting properties. Their products are also daily essentials for inner and outer radiance because beauty and balance start from within.
They’re an independent, Brooklyn-born brand that makes superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty. Our products are always natural, easy, and (most importantly) fun. They bring good vibes to the wellness industry. You can find Golde everywhere from Revolve to Standard Dose.

female founded brands
Image: Golde

Shelby Wild: Founder of Playa

Before Playa, Shelby Wild was living a fast-paced life in New York City. She was a successful fashion stylist but always yearned for simplicity. She decided it was time for a change and relocated to California to study herbalism and connect with nature. Shelby re-focused her energy into the beauty world. Her mission was to design a multi-purpose line of products. Products that also repair while styling and require less time in front of a mirror.
As the daughter of a scientist, Shelby’s childhood memories of mixing and making products inspired her to create a haircare collection that was effortless, thoughtful, healthy and effective. The formulations beautifully blend nature and science to harness the power of both worlds without sacrificing results. In 2017, Shelby launched Playa with five products. The line included a shampoo, conditioner, oil, dry shampoo, and texture spray. These are also her essentials from her own personal routine. Since then, the line has also grown rapidly and can be found in major retailers including Sephora, Net-A-Porter and Revolve.

female founded brands
Image: Playa

Amy Liu: Founder of Tower 28

Tower 28 is a clean brand of playful beauty products designed for sensitive skin and made for all! Founder Amy Liu is really a force of nature, and her emphasis on inclusivity, accessibility, and efficacy is changing the face of the growing non-toxic beauty industry.
While Tower 28 is less than a year old, Amy has already led the company to become a veritable leader in the space. Over 10,000 tubes of the soothing ShineOn Lip Jellies are now brightening the makeup bags of beauty lovers across the US. Tower 28’s rapid expansion is continuing this month, with the brand entering 500 brick-and-mortar Sephora stores nationwide and in Canada. For over 15 years, Amy worked as a beauty executive at some of the fastest-growing prestige companies, including Smashbox, Kate Somerville, and Josie Maran Cosmetics.
But as a longtime eczema sufferer, Amy couldn’t even enjoy the best part of working in the beauty industry: trying out all the products! Even the clean alternatives were super expensive or too clinical like they were coming straight from the doctor’s office. Amy saw this white space as an opportunity and set out to create Tower 28, a beauty company inclusive of all skin tones, skin types, budgets, and beauty philosophies. Tower 28 is the first beauty brand that’s 100 percent clean, vegan, and free of every known skin irritant.

international's womens day
Image: Tower 28

Lauren Gannes: Founder of HIGHBORN

Lauren Gannes is the founder of the newly re-launched aromatics body care brand HIGHBORN. She grew up as the child of a meditation-practicing mom and a radiologist dad, so she witnessed firsthand both pathways to “wellness,” and saw how they could deeply co-exist. This understanding of integrative health and the benefits of balance shaped her world.
Lauren on her inspiration, “There’s already a ton of that. My interest is in exploring the idea of connection, together. I’m inviting us all to explore rituals around mind, body, and soul, rather than just putting a dab on the wrist or neck. We welcome living in the present and creating space for self and joy, punctuating the moments rather than living in a blur.”
Featuring organic, sustainably sourced and extracted essential oils, reiki charged crystals and high vibes, each distinctive fragrance profile will deepen your self-love regimen, helping you discover your moment of bliss.

female founded brands

Nina Zilka: CEO and Co-Founder of Alder New York

Alder New York is a vegan, genderless skincare and haircare line based in Brooklyn. Nina Zilka and her co-founder David J. Krause are longtime best friends who’ve worked in the beauty and design industry together for the past 11 years. Nina and David both wanted smarter personal care products – legitimately clean products that were as sleek and cool as they were effective. Everything Alder New York makes is vegan and also cruelty-free, locally manufactured, and ethically made.’
Nina and David began their collaborative partnership over a decade ago, launching their first label while they were both students at Pratt University. In 2016, a passion for wellness led them to create Alder New York, where they bring their design sensibility and attention to detail to the line of uncomplicated, high performing personal care essentials. The line was quickly picked up by amazing retailers like goop and Of A Kind, and their bestsellers (like the Everyday Face Cleanser and Texture Powder) are quickly achieving cult-status.

female founded brands
Image: Alder New York

Melissa Medvedich: Founder of Supernal

After a successful 15-year career as a Creative Director in NYC, Melissa decided it was time to change course and follow her ultimate dream: skincare. Having been obsessed with “plant magic” and the benefits of skin maintenance for her entire adult life, Melissa enrolled herself at the renowned New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and became totally immersed in understanding the therapeutic actions of the ingredients and how they interact with skin. Melissa received her aromatherapy certification but didn’t stop there. She later returned to school to continue her studies in botanical beauty formulations.
Enter Supernal: the collection, launched earlier this year, is a marriage of Melissa’s love for high-quality botanical skincare and design. She channeled all her energy into one hero product. The Cosmic Glow Oil nourishes, hydrates, and enhances your natural radiance. Every bottle of Cosmic Glow Oil is organic with all-natural ingredients.

female founded brands

Hellen Yuan: Founder of HELLEN

HELLEN is a collection of bath brews by Hellen Yuan, a New York wellness practitioner, foodie, designer, and entrepreneur. Personally infused with Reiki energy and set with powerful manifesting intentions, HELLEN’s four-bath brews address different areas of a person’s life, correspond with the four elements, and open four of the chakras: Center Your Heart (heart chakra), Emerge From The Fog (throat chakra), Feet On The Ground (root chakra), and Shoot Into The Stars (sacral chakra). Featuring therapeutic grade salts, therapeutic grade (and organic) oils, organic flowers and precious stones, the brews will help soothe and purify your body and mind. Each brew comes with a 20-minute long corresponding custom sound bath to enhance your bathing experience. This spring, Hellen is also expanding her collection of modern healing products into products that take you outside the bathtub!

female founded brands

Dr. Lesley and Dr. Morgan Rabach: Co-Founders of LM Medical NYC

Sisters in life, sisters in practice, Dr. Lesley, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon (one of only a handful of women to hold this title), and Dr. Morgan, a board-certified dermatologist, joined forces to create their renowned practice, LM Medical NYC. It is a unique, holistic office that delivers upscale service with a super comfortable, approachable feel.
Before starting their own practice downtown, Dr. Lesley and Dr. Morgan cut their teeth working for established practices uptown in Manhattan before realizing their expertise was more purposeful together, creating an accessible practice for every type of patient, not just those seeking more extreme transformations. Their motto is simply to make people feel like themselves but better, be it through plastic surgery or non-invasive aesthetic services and skincare treatments.

female founded brands
Image: LM Medical NYC

Amanda Chantal Bacon: Founder of Moon Juice

A leading voice in the plant-based movement, chef, author, entrepreneur, and mother Amanda began researching the medicinal properties of plants back in 2006. She also introduced her first snack, juice, and supplement shop, Moon Juice in 2011 in Venice, California. Merging her finesse with often-esoteric ingredients known for their tremendous health and wellness benefits with her culinary training under legendary chefs like Alice Waters, Bacon built a robust following almost immediately.
Nine years later and Moon Juice has three Los Angeles shops. They are also a thriving direct-to-consumer business and a comprehensive collection of adaptogenic supplements. On top of that, their skincare products distributed worldwide by retail partners such as Sephora, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, and Barneys. This January Moon Juice also launched two new skincare products: the gentle Milk Cleanse, and the deeply-hydrating Cosmic Cream.
female founded brands
Image: Moon Juice

Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung: Founders of Fur

Laura and Lillian, lifelong best friends, created Fur in 2016. Fur’s purpose is to empower people to define their own body hair. Fur believes that you should treat your pubic hair the way you treat the hair on your head. Schubert and Tung realized that the potential market for pubic hair products was huge, as the products available at the time were harsh, unsophisticated, and only focused on removal.
Now nearly four years later, Fur is in over 300 retailers with an expansive network of aestheticians that rely heavily on their product because quite frankly, there is nothing else out there quite like it! They have seen 5x year over year growth and annual sales are several million at this point, all while remaining female lead and completely self-funded.
female founded brands
Image: Fur Beauty

Michelle Doherty: Founder of Alpha-H

No one knows better about the difficulties of living with a skin condition than Michelle Doherty, Director of Alpha-H. Michelle suffered from chronic cystic acne in her teenage years and throughout her 20s. Because of this, she began a quest to find a product range that would address not just the imbalances of the skin on a daily basis, but one which would help prevent those problems from reoccurring.
Michelle was disappointed by the results she achieved from over-the-counter cosmetics and appalled by the disinterest and lack of empathy from medical professionals. Michelle’s influence on Alpha-H is monumental. Within days of using the range, she saw immediate and sustained visible improvements; not just in her skin, but in her confidence and self-esteem.
The experience was life-changing. Ultimately she would also give up her job to work alongside the brand and spread the Alpha-H gospel. Michelle now travels the globe meeting men and women with their own skin concerns and problems; she dedicates herself to developing products that can help bring sustainable solutions to others.
female founded brands
Image: Alpha H

Faith Kim: Co-Founder of LASHFOOD

LASHFOOD is the brainchild of Jane Kim and her daughter Faith Kim. However, as the creators of JB LASHES, the originators of premium eyelash extension and services, the mother-daughter duo felt there was a need for natural products that would not only help with the thickness and length of your lashes and brows but also the health of lash extensions. They also spent the next several years conducting numerous clinical trials. They create products that were extremely effective yet gentle and safe enough to use around the eyes.
The vision for LASHFOOD stemmed from JB LASHES. It is a company that is deeply passionate about empowering females all around the world. LASHFOOD gives them competitive pay and resources for career advancement. Jane and Faith give women the freedom to create their own schedule, be their own boss, and create financial independence. The community and jobs born as a result are powerful.
female founded brands
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