Enhance Your Natural Beauty With This Simple Faux Freckle Tutorial

Psuedo Labs gives us a simple and fun guide to easy applying this natural look for yourself!

how to apply faux freckles
Image: Chloe Morello

For those of us frozen in winter, the two things we’re desperately missing out are two things: warmth and freckles. Some of us are without sun right now or don’t naturally get freckles, so we’re a little bit left out of the fun beauty that happens when the sun hits your skin. But what should we do if we can’t get them, even with the help of Vitamin C? You may have heard of a recent trend that’s been popping up called ‘faux freckles’. Ever since the beauty world’s secret has gotten out, many are turning to the help of brown eyeshadows and liners to get this coveted look. Apparently, supermodels have been using this method of enhancing natural beauty for decades. Some even have made products that are specifically designed to mimic the appearance of them.
With Pseudo Labs, you will glow beyond the sun and paint warmth into every look. We love using their PHreckles product to accentuate and highlight the natural beauty of the face. Pseu·do means faux, imitating, resembling. They gave us here at Amodrn an easy-to-follow technique guide that ensures simple application. It delivers a natural-looking golden glow on all skin tones. Keep reading below for an easy to follow, natural faux freckle tutorial!

An Easy-To-Follow Simple, Natural Faux Freckle Tutorial:

Step 1: Shake It Up!

Shake your bottle to eliminate the natural separation of the solution.

how to apply faux freckles
Image: Psuedo Labs

Step 2: Flick!

Place the bristles parallel to your application site. With your pick between you and the bristles, flick in an upward or downward motion.

how to apply faux freckles
Image: Psuedo Labs

Step 3: Tap It Out!

By tapping the solution, your finger will pick up the product. Use these to create fainter freckles by placing freckles in empty areas.

how to apply faux freckles
Image: Psuedo Labs

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