Six Coffee-Based Beauty Products We Love For A Morning Wake-Up

It's not just for your face, you know.

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For many of us, morning coffee is something of a ritual. Whether you prefer an almond milk latte, an iced long black, or the humble cappuccino, there’s an option for everyone. And aside from the delicious and immediate caffeine hit, there are countless other benefits to getting a little caffeine in the morning. When applied topically, it can improve circulation, smooth cellulite, and reduce redness. Caffeine also has strong antioxidant properties, meaning that it can help reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and fight free radicals.

With the beauty world placing increasing value on natural and plant-derived ingredients, it’s hardly surprising that caffeine is infiltrating more and more beauty products. In fact, there are several brands building their product lines entirely around coffee – to great success! And living in Australia, it’s no secret that we take our coffee particularly seriously! So as a discerning beauty lover and coffee addict, here’s our curation of the best of the best-caffeinated beauty products.

Five Coffee-Based Beauty Products We Love For A Morning Wake-Up

1) Butt Naked Coffee + Epsom Body Scrub, $18.95

Although coffee scrubs have become a beauty store ubiquity, it’s rare to find one this good. Butt Naked combines coffee grounds with raw sugar and hydrating oils such as coconut and jojoba, ensuring that it moisturizes while it exfoliates. In addition, caffeine aids in stimulating blood flow, meaning that it’s perfect to help combat stretch marks, cellulite, and acne. It’s gentle yet effective, and – best of all – smells exactly like a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And if that wasn’t enough, the addition of peppermint helps to soothe sore muscles and adds an invigorating zing to your post-workout shower.

best coffee beauty prdocuts
Image: Butt Naked

2) Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist, $34.00

Hydrating and refreshing, this mist offering from Origins is perfect for all seasons. A couple of spritzes will help to soothe any winter dryness, and it’s delightful as a quick cool-down in the summer heat. Caffeine and ginseng work in tandem to revitalize dull skin, while pomegranate adds an antioxidant boost. With a delicious citrus scent, it’s a perfect pick-me-up throughout the day – for me, it’s a purse staple.

best coffee-based beauty products
Image: Origins

3) Upcircle Beauty Coffee Face Serum, $27.00

If this is the first time you’re hearing of Upcircle Beauty, one thing’s for sure – it won’t be the last. Enter: coffee grounds. Upcircle’s lush face serum contain hydration powerhouses such as jojoba, sea buckthorn, and rosehip oils. Brightening, hydration, and firming abilities packed into one little (recyclable) bottle? Yes, please.

best coffee-based beauty products
Image: Upcircle

4) Peach & Lily Cold Brew Eye Recovery Stick, $28.00

For those of us who deal with puffy under-eyes or dark circles, Peach & Lily’s invigorating under-eye balm is a gamechanger. Packed with caffeine, green tea, kiwi, and cucumber, the stick promises to depuff, soothe, and tighten. While the balm sits beautifully under makeup, where it really shines is on no makeup days – just a small swipe will boost under-eye radiance and give a subtle glow to the skin. Brand founder Alicia Yoon is one of the most beauty-savvy women we know, so it’s no surprise that this is another hit product from Peach & Lily.

best coffee-based beauty products
Image: Peach & Lily

5) Hurraw! Coffee Bean Lip Balm, $6.45

Truth be told, I have about 10 lip balms within arm’s reach at any given time – but this is always one of the first that I gravitate towards. Hurraw’s formula is an absolute dream: hydrating without being heavy, and smooth without being too thin or slippery. The coffee scent here comes from a cold-pressed coffee extract from El Salvador and is mixed with cocoa seed butter to create a delicious coffee-chocolate aroma. All ingredients being fair-trade and cruelty-free.

best coffee-based beauty products
Image: Hurraw!

6) Frank Body Caffeinated Face Moisturizer, $21.95

Ah, Frank Body. The brand that introduced coffee into the beauty universe! While everyone knows (and loves) their body scrubs, it’s their skincare where they truly shine. The caffeinated face moisturizer is free from any comedogenic ingredients, while simultaneously being packed full of hydration: think cocoa butter and vitamin E. Coffee helps to plump the skin and soothe redness, ensuring a radiant, healthy glow upon application. In a travel-friendly tube, it’s perfect as a no-fuss hydrator.

best coffee-based beauty products
Image: Frank Body

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