These 3 Women In My Life Inspired Me To Start Amodrn

This month at Amodrn, we’re all about INSPIRATION.

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This month at Amodrn we’re all about INSPIRATION. It’s Mother’s Day soon, which always reminds us to reflect on the incredible and inspiring women in our lives. For me, three women, in particular, helped me shape Amodrn into the business it is today. I’m sincerely grateful to them and wanted to share a little bit about the people in my life that got me to where I am now. Thank you …

For the never-ending encouragement

My mother! She’s been the one who’s always said, “Do what you love doing and don’t listen to anyone else. Cause once you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” As I type this, I smile, as there’s not one day that’s gone by that I don’t love what I’m doing. She always has the right thing to say all the time, and for that, mum is my true inspiration as she’s made me believe in myself.
Thanks, Mum!

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For the inspiration that helped create Amodrn.

I was once one of those girls who scoured the internet constantly looking at beautiful fashion and travel tumblr blogs, always wishing that my life was in those photos. But the one blog that really made me crave the content every day was Elin Kling’s blog, Styled By Kling. She started as a blogger and then launched her own magazine empire. She’s a true inspiration to me. Elin proved to me that being constantly inspired every single day was the driving force of what I was to create. Without inspiration, there’s no excitement in the content I produce. So thank you, Elin, for helping me find my groove.
Thanks for the inspiration, Elin, if you’re reading!

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For the helpful ideas, the headstart with Amodrn and the dedication I learned in business.

My father and mother still manage their own businesses. Watching them, day-to-day, was where I gained my entrepreneurial spirit but the real, hardcore business advice came along the way from many women and men I worked with—namely, my old PR manager, Roxy Jacenko. She somehow balances running a talent and PR company and raising two dear little cherubs. I would hear her start her car at sometimes 4 am just to get into the office, and she’d reply to my emails at 3 am in the morning! I appreciate everything she’s done for Amodrn, and I always took note of how hard she worked for her company. She showed me that running a business takes dedication, time (sometimes 24/7) and most of all, passion, to make it all happen.
Thank you, Roxy, if you’re reading this.

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These seemingly small gestures have had a great impact on my life and I hope that if you’ve read this far, you can look back and remember who those people are for you. Who in your life believed in you and helped you believe in yourself? Who was there for you when you needed advice? Who inspired you?

“Good things happen to people when you surround yourself with positive people”!

B xx

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