3 Insider Wellness Tips To Get Through Your ‘Be Healthy in 2020' Goals

Lee Sutherland of Little Wilding Co. lines out all of her top tips to get healthy in the new year. Whether it be exercise, taking time for self-care, or just a little sip of tea.

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If there’s one thing that gets carried across everyone’s New Years Resolution list it’s to move that body more. And wellness daily. Well, ideally wellness daily … but when reality hits in around the end of January the revelation that fitting in an hour (around work, friends, relationships or kids) can be a little tricky and that time frame may have been a little ambitious. Well, call me your fairy (wellness) godmother because you can cross it all off your list. I’ve lined out all of my top tips to get healthy in the new year. Whether it be exercise, taking time for self-care, or just a little sip of tea. Keep reading below for more! 

Lee Sutherland created Little Wilding Co many years after studying Herbal Medicine. So many years in fact, that there were several years of working at the world’s largest record label and at Australia’s first premium talent agency in between. Little Wildling Co is a tea range that ticks the boxes in both flavor + medicinal purposes. was dreamed up as a second side hustle for Lee (the first side hustle being her Fitness in the City website, blog & Instagram – one of the first fitness blogs to exist in Australia) and gained quick momentum and an impressive following within the health and media industries within months. 

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Here are Lee Sutherland’s 3 wellness tips

Try Tabata For Exercise

This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio and strength workout is based on protocol, created by Dr. Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. The gist: Four minutes of near max exertion effort which consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds maximal effort + 10 seconds rest. As legend (and science) has it, those four minutes are worth the equivalent of an hour of steady-state cardio. Do the routine below once, resting for one minute between each round:

  • Round 1: Jumping Squats (8 sets of 20-second intense effort + 10 seconds rest)
  • Round 2: Knee Push-Ups (8 sets of 20-second intense effort + 10 seconds rest)
  • Round 3: Mountain Climbers (8 sets of 20-second intense effort + 10 seconds rest)
  • Round 4: Triceps dips (8 sets of 20-second intense effort + 10 seconds rest)

Record each round and compare each week to see improvements.

Download a Tabata app from iTunes so the timer automatically goes off for you. There are so many options you could do with Tabata training are skipping, lunges, burpees, sit-ups, squats, overhead push press, box jumps, step-ups, high knees, tricep push-ups, etc. Only rest 2 minutes max between each round before beginning the next movement.

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Weekly Visits To Herbalist

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Regular visits to check-in and to assess different issues as they come up – bad skin one month, sleep problem the next, too many boozy nights or no energy for exercise or too sore from exercise. Herbal medicine is such an important asset to include in your self-care handbook but, when the purse strings may be a little tight post-Christmas spending’s (ok, boxing sale spending’s) getting an appointment on the reg may be unrealistic. Enter the herbal teas. Organic herbal teas which have been expertly blended like Little Wilding Co. is a super safe yet effective way to enjoy throughout the day not only for pleasure.

Stressed and can’t sleep? You need a strong cup of ‘I Need A Moment’ which is practically Valium in a teacup. Too much partying? Try ‘Rehab’, a cleanse and detox tea. Need a nurturing energy boost before exercise or for that 3 pm slump? ‘I Work Out’ has your name all over it. Maybe your skin isn’t glowing like it once did, ‘I Am A Goddess’ will be your new best friend. Shop around, find a brand that ticks all the boxes (eco, biodegradable, expertly blended and has that wow factor) and drink away my friend!

Why adaptogens are paving the way for healing ourselves in the future
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Save Money

Whether it’s for that designer bag or a long-overdue holiday, saving money is not on everyone’s list. But how can you do this without becoming a complete bore who stays home every day of the week? Well, with a few sneaky tips of course.

  • Buy your food at the markets: but the tip is, get there just when they’re about to close to snag all the bargains before they leave.
  • Newsletters: Now we know you should be unsubscribing to declutter the inbox. But if you sign up to a few key EMD’s you may be in the know first for any sales from your fave brands or holiday hot spots.

While you’re here, check out why herbal medicine could be the key to defeating your stress and anxiety, written by Lee Sutherland. 


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