Female-Founded Bev Is Partnering With Erin and Sara Foster Of Bumble

The Creative Heads of the networking app tell us how they plan to help change the male-dominated landscape in 2020.

foster sisters and bev partner up
Image: Bev
2020 is definitely the year of women helping other women. On a mission to #BreakTheGlass, the female-first beverage company, Bev announces its investment partnership on January 28th with Instagram’s favorite sisters Erin and Sara Foster, the Creative Heads at Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz. This is Foster sister’s first partnership investment, the comedic pair will work with Bev to continue its mission to cultivate an entrepreneurial community of women transforming the male-dominated beverage space. Beyond being just investors, the sisters are collaborative partners who will be hands-on in growing Bev with founder and CEO Alix Peabody on everything from creative ideation to business development to supporting the launch of Bev’s new ‘Made By Chicks’ media platform & podcast launching in March. Erin and Sara want to take Bev from its current cult-following to global recognition.
Alix Peabody changed the beverage game with Bev, a crisp, dry, and a lil’ fizzy California rosé with 0g of sugar, Because of Bev’s commitment to success, As a result, Alix created “Made By Chicks”, a program to support female entrepreneurs nationwide, cultivating an entrepreneurial community of women supporting women with vulnerability and authenticity.

“We’re partnering with Bev because we’re comfortable buying the product ourselves and telling our friends to buy it. Our community trusts us to be authentic to ourselves and our brand, and we strive to do that. Bev’s female-oriented mission and movement align with our personal interests. We’re very inclusive, rather than alienating. We’re thrilled to be a part of Made By Chicks” said Sarah Foster.
We sat down with Erin and Sara to talk to them about female entrepreneurship, Bev, and how they feel they can change the status quo in 2020.

foster sisters and bev partner up
Image: Bev

1) How do you handle being a boss? What are some of your tips for commanding a room, organization, creativity, time management, etc?

Having confidence in your ability to lead or in your ideas, really helps make people feel more comfortable following your direction. That being said, it’s important that you feel accessible to people and open to hearing that your idea isn’t going to work. You have to compliment others’ ideas and make them know how valuable they are so that they want to show up for you and support your mission.

2) Why Have You Partnered With Bev?

So far we have only invested in female-founded companies. That doesn’t mean that our only prerequisite for investment is someone being female. The founder of a company is just as important as the product. Sometimes even more important, because that is who is out in the world trying to convince people to believe in the product. Alix impressed us right away and stood out from competitors we met with. That in addition to the fact that we did a few blind taste tests at home, and Bev won every time.

foster sisters and bev partner up
Image: Bev

3) Why is it important to support female entrepreneurs?

No matter how far we’ve come with gender equality, and we really have come a long way, there is still a much more challenging path for a woman who wants to build her own company. She has to prove herself in ways men don’t, and the timeline for a woman to prioritize her career is just a lot more inconvenient when you’re a woman. Right when most women find their footing in their professional lives, it’s time to think about having kids. And it’s really hard to do it all at the same time. We want to support women who are taking the risk, making something to be proud of, and doing it without asking for any special treatment.

4) How do you start your day? What does a normal day look like for you?

Sara’s day starts with her kids waking her up and needing to go to school. Erin’s day starts with an alarm clock and a strong cup of coffee. Then we both begrudgingly go to the gym and then dig into work. Sometimes from our shared office, and sometimes from home.

5) What do you both love about Bumble? How do you use the app?

It comes back to the founder. Whitney Wolfe isn’t motivated by making money, she’s motivated by making change. When you’re with her she is like an unstoppable machine of ideas. It’s impossible to not be swept up in her enthusiasm and positivity. We were brought into the company to help launch Bizz and BFF and have used them a lot. We’ve had meetups with people on the app, taken them to lunch, set them up with other Bumble users who they have common interests with. We’ve held several events where we invited people through the app and then watched as they met each other and formed important connections for business or friendship.

foster sisters and bev partner up
Image: Bev

6) What are you both excited about in 2020?

We have so many projects that started to form at the end of last year, and now they are all going to start falling into place. One of them is our partnership with Bev!

7) What is some of the best advice you’ve been given?

The best way out is always through. Deal with things as they are, not as you want them to be. There’s no way around the hard stuff, and you make it harder when you avoid it.
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