Nike Fit App Set To Revolutionise The Way You Buy Sneakers

This size measurement tool is an industry-first.

nike fit app
Image via Instagram user @stylerunner

How many times have you bought a pair of sneakers online, only to have to return them days later because they’re the wrong size? Yep, this is a common scenario and one that Nike is trying to address with the upcoming launch of their Nike Fit App—designed to help consumers find the perfect fit and thus, minimise returns.
Driven by the statistics that industry-wide, 60% of consumers are wearing the wrong-sized shoes, the Nike Fit feature will be accessible via the Nike app and will utilise a combination of data science, computer vision, artificial intelligence and various algorithms to not only measure your foot but suggest styles best suited to you.
Further to this, these recommendations are tailored to whichever shoe is being purchased, as we all know that sizing differs not only between brands but between styles within the same brand, making it ever-so frustrating for the consumer at the best of times. 

nike fit app
Image: Nike

How does Nike Fit work?

Finding your right size is just a matter of using your phone camera to scan your feet, which is done by collecting 13 different data points of the foot (length, width, etc) and the entire process is said to take only “seconds” in true millennial style.
The announcement by Nike also states that there will be an in-store Nike Fit mat for customers to measure their feet as they browse in person.
Buying for someone else? The technology comes equipped with a ‘guest mode’ to cater to any individuals shopping for others.

nike fit app
Image: Nike

In turn, the digital technology is said to improve the way Nike designs, manufactures and sells shoes better tailored to match consumer needs, with “a more accurate fit [contributing] to less shipping, fewer returns and better performance.”
Nike Fit will be available through the Nike app in early July 2019 and introduced in select U.S stores in the same month, with Europe to follow later in the summer.

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