Nike Launches Audio Guided Runs That’ll Keep You Motivated Through Winter

Calling all cardio fans.

nike run app

Fresh features added to the Nike+ Run App is giving cardio addicts new tools to improve their next outdoor run—and if you’re not using it already, you absolutely need these features in your life before those Winter outdoor runs start. Updates to the app released in late 2017 mean that runners can enjoy free coaching and motivation throughout their workout, with audio guided runs coaching you to meet strength and fitness goals.
Users can opt into having motivational comments delivered directly through their headphones throughout their circuit from Nike’s lineup of elite coaches and athletes, as well as pithy comments from celebs like Keven Hart to keep you entertained (and energised).  The audio-guided workouts are crafted to build strength, speed, and endurance, and can even mark intervals throughout your track to help plan your workout and push you towards your goals.
Like all good fitness apps, there’s even a social component to Nike’s update. If another friend is working out using their Apple Watch Nike+ you can opt into notifications and send them some words of encouragement—and vice versa, which can help keep you accountable to your workout schedule. (Cue: excessive use of the 💪 emoji). As it turns out, running with an exercise partner is proven to offer encouragement as well as practical and emotional support that in turns promotes more regular exercise. However, we bet virtual support on the track is almost as good as the real thing when an IRL running buddy is not an option. If you don’t want to track your run, Nike’s app can deliver curated playlists for your jog.
There’s also a handy spot to store all of your workout information for your past five runs. Stats, like the elevation or how many feet you climbed on the route, can all be tracked. Want to try out the Nike+ run app? Step this way to download it right now—for free!
Nike Audio Guided Runs

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