Newsflash: Pitless Avocados Are Now A Thing

seedless avocados
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It’s been quite a transformational year for the mighty avocado. Earlier this fall, the world welcomed the low-fat avocado, which drastically cut the healthy fat content of the fruit. Then, a new study proved that eating fat won’t actually make you fat. Now, seedless avocados are set to make their debut, and it could lower your risk for a serious hand injury that’s been known to affect avocado aficionados.
Earlier this month, UK-based Marks & Spencer launched pit-free “cocktail” avocados that’ll keep you from developing “avocado hand.”
What’s avocado hand? you ask? When you de-pit your own avocado, you’re risking the possibility of accidentally slicing your hand while attempting to remove the pit, leading to a fairly serious injury.
And that’s exactly what the new seedless avocado attempts to prevent.
But there’s more. You no longer have to toss away those avocado skins as you’re making your breakfast toast. The seedless cocktail avocados also include edible skins. Game changer? Perhaps.
They’re roughly five to eight centimeters long and about the size and shape of a mini cucumber. But according to those who have sampled the magical new fruit, they’re not exactly the same taste as your traditional pick.
They’re similar in color to their original version, but tend to be a bit smaller, simply because there’s no seed. And you can thank the unpollinated avocado blossoms they originate from for this pretty impressive feat.
If you’re based in the U.K., you’re one of the lucky ones. The avocados are currently only available at M&S through the month of December, so it’s the ultimate Christmas miracle for those across the pond.
“They’re perfect for snacking and lunchboxes as they can be eaten whole but can also be used for a beautiful garnish or in a salad,” M&S agronomist Charlotte Curtis tells Good Housekeeping UK. “My top tip is to try them deep fried!”
So if you’re looking to upgrade your avocado game, it’s only right to get your hands on these new ones ASAP. Then invest in an avocado sock for instant ripening and enjoy them exactly when you want them. Consider it your full suite of avocado eating.

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