Monogrammed Yoga Mats Are Now A Thing—Here's Where To Get One

As children, our parents tagged our names on just about everything. Lunchboxes, school clothes, I even had labels in my underwear. It made sense, really—we couldn’t be trusted not to lose them (or take them off as was the case with me, apparently). But as we got older, the need for labels became somewhat unnecessary … But then, monogramming happened.
From phone covers to handbags, laptop sleeves to suitcases—you name it, we’ll name it. It seems we’ll stamp our initials on just about anything to make all our accessories insta-worthy. The latest craze? Yoga mats. Yep, you can now get your name on your place of practice and really save that spot in class.
Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your yogi companion (PSA: there are nine weeks until Christmas) or you want one for yourself, we’ve found a few places you can nab one.

Unit Nine

Monogrammed Yoga Mats
Image: supplied by Unit Nine. Source: Amodrn

We’ve been fans of Unit Nine’s yoga mats for quite some time. Not only are they environmentally-friendly with extra grip, they come in chic animal prints like leopard, alligator and python, that add a bit of fun to our power flow. And now, we’ve got another reason to choose them as our place of practice: they’re launching a range of mats that can be personalised. Available in a charcoal python print as well as a charcoal stripe, you can add your initials (or emojis!) for an extra AU$5. Pre-order one now for delivery in November and that’s one less pressie to tick off the list.
Check them out at Unit Nine.


Image: Source: Amodrn

If you’re a sucker for a cork yoga mat, Yoloha will make one especially for you. Their mats are handmade in the USA using 100% recyclable materials. They’re naturally anti-microbial and contain zero PVCs or nasty chemicals. And now, they’re available for stamping with your initials, or anything else for that matter. With a full canvas to work with, you can even print your daily mantra or intention for the practice. Namaste!
Check them out at Yoloha. 

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