mental health
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What Your Feelings Can Tell You About Your Real Self

In these turbulent times, turning towards your inner self and listening to your mental health is a big step forward in growth and learning.

Do you sometimes wonder why you’re feeling a certain way? Why you’re exhausted for no reason? Or maybe you have random feelings of sadness? There are so many questions that come to mind when we’re discussing our mood. What could come along and possibly make it worse? How about a worldwide pandemic that’s been ravaging the world for close to eight months now. During this hard time in the world, we have to actually dig deep and uncover what’s going on within our own hearts and minds. Growth comes from taking the time to really sit down with your feelings and know what they could be telling you. We did some research to find out exactly what your mind may be telling you. Keep reading for more on your mental health.

mental health
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What Your Feelings Can Tell You About Your Mental Health

1) When you feel super happy and joyous.

This is your mind validating itself. According to MBG, “our feelings of peace, love, and joy are letting us know that we are taking loving care of ourselves. Our feelings are 100% trustworthy regarding whether we are operating from self-love or from self-abandonment.”

2) When you’re feeling less than.

Our feeling of less than can actually manifest in the form of anxiety, shame, guilt, envy, jealousy, and more. When you feel this way, work needs to be done on your ego and your physical self-abandonment. We need to forget and work on the falsities of what makes us worthy. Also, what makes us feel beautiful. There is so much more to your beautiful soul than you know.

3) When we’re exhausting ourselves.

Sometimes your mind can trick you and tell you that you can take on more than you can handle. When you do this to your body and your mind, it manifests itself in exhaustion. You’ll feel sleepy, groggy, gross, and like you want to lay in bed all day. It’s important for you to take time to rest, have some self-care, and feel good about yourself.

4) When you feel alone.

Does your mind ever go on a tangent, winding down a rabbit hole of loneliness, you may want to discuss those feelings with someone. There may be something external that needs your attention. Trust your feelings and uncover them with friends a seek a professional’s help.

mental health
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