Men With This Physical Feature Are More Likely to Cheat

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Once a cheater, always a cheater, the old saying goes. But maybe there’s a little bit of truth to that because it turns out that a lifelong physical trait might be more likely to determine whether or not your significant other is prone to cheating.
A group of intrepid researchers at the Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada set out on a just mission to find out what physical commonalities there are among people who cheat on their partners. They analyzed 145 undergraduate students and gave them questionnaires that asked about their sexual behaviors, their sexual drives, and interestingly enough, measured the width and height of their faces (remember that fact, it’ll come back).
Then, in another study, they looked at 314 people who answered the same questions, and also asked them about past, current, and potential infidelities in their relationships. They also asked for photos that could accurately measure the people’s faces (told you this would be a theme here).
And, believe it or not, there was a direct relation. Here’s what you need to know before you bust out the tape measure to calculate the proportions of your boyfriend’s face.
According to the study, men whose faces were short (height-wise), wide, and more square-shaped were more likely to cheat on their girlfriends and would be more willing to have casual sex outside of a committed relationship.
But while these people were more prone to cheating, it also meant that those with more square-shaped faced had naturally higher sex drives than others. The higher the FWHR (facial width-to-height ratio, which is measured by taking the width of a person’s face and dividing it by the height of their face), the more likely to show infidelity in relationships.
The same, however, did not apply for women. No matter a woman’s face shape size, there was not a direct indicator of their likeliness to cheat. But that won’t stop us from measuring our FWHR anyways.

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