These Bespoke Beauty Brands Tailor Their Products To You

bespoke beauty brands
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From Fenty Beauty’s 40-shade foundation range to the ever-growing popularity of clean beauty brands, it’s become apparent that we all want more out of our beauty products. Gone are the days when we were happy to slap any old makeup on our faces, regardless of the ingredients or whether it was an exact match for our skin tone. Now, we want beauty products that not only look good, but are good to our skin, hair and body.
Enter, an array of bespoke beauty brands that allow you to customise your products to suit your individual needs. Turning the ‘one size fits all’ approach to beauty on its head, these revolutionary brands allow you to mix and match until you find your perfect formula. From personalised haircare products to custom-designed foundation and lipstick, your entire beauty cabinet can now be filled with your own creations.
Scroll through the gallery for some of the best bespoke brands taking the beauty world by storm.

The Lip Lab

With stores across Australia, The Lip Lab is well-known for its custom lip products. They’ve also branched out to offer a design-your-own-foundation service, where you can customise your shade, finish and even fragrance.
Find out more about The Lip Lab.

Blend & Boost

This bespoke beauty service takes the guess work out of skincare. The process starts with an in-depth analysis to determine your skin type and concerns. Then, 13 active cosmetic boosters are mixed and matched with one of five cream bases and your solution is ready to pick up within 48 hours. Blend & Boost have clinics in Australia and across the US.
Find out more about Blend&Boost.

Function of Beauty

Treat yourself this weekend with a personalized set of shampoo and conditioner!!! #functionofbeauty

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Online service Function of Beauty allows you to create your own shampoos and conditioners based on your individual haircare needs and goals. You can even choose your own colour and fragrance and have your name printed on the bottle! All of their products are sulfate-free and cruelty-free.
Find out more about Function of Beauty.

Hop & Cotton

Whether your skin is dull and dry or oily and acne-prone, this Aussie skincare service has the solution. You simply take an online quiz to determine your skin type, choose your product type and the pros at Hop&Cotton whip up your very own specialised skincare formula.
Find out more about Hop&Cotton.


This US brand allows you to customise everything from your lipgloss and lipstick to concealer, foundation and powder. You can even make your own nail polish! All of their products are mineral-based, allergy friendly and cruelty-free.
Learn more about Giella.

Fleurage Scent Design Studio

Creating my own perfume!

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For a signature scent that’s really your own, pop into Fleurage Scent Design Studio in Melbourne, Australia. During your one-hour session, you’ll have a fragrance analysis with the perfumer, before creating your own perfume from their extensive inventory of scents.
Learn more about Fleurage Scent Design Studio.

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