Meet These New Macro-Friendly, Chocolatey Greek Yogurt Filled Treats

It’s snack season

Yasso Green Yogurt chocolate snacks
Courtesy of Yasso

As the weather warms, walk virtually down any popular street and you’ll find almost an entire storefront (or two) dedicated to ice cream. Whether dairy-free, vegan ice cream if you’re here in Los Angeles, sorbet, or full-fat goodness, there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to ice-cold treats. But one brand, Yasso, is standing out from the rest with the launch of its Yasso Poppables, bite-size chocolate-covered Greek yogurt treats — and you can pop one from your freezer anytime, no guilt attached, without leaving your kitchen.

As consumers continue to stay at home, recent data from IRI report that snacks are no longer confined to a specific moment-in-time during the day; snacking has become a “lifeline” during the past year with 88% of adults reporting that they are snacking more than they were pre-pandemic, according to food behemoth Mondelez’ State of Snacking report. Research shows that the average American is snacking nearly 2.6 times per day, with 44% of consumers reporting that they are snacking in lieu of eating standard meals, accelerating the growth of snacks, with chocolate being crowned as a top solace for WFHers one-year-in.

Combined with the continued growth of single-person households (the U.S. Census reports that in 1969, single-person households were hovering at 17% and jumped to 28% in 2019), and with habitual changes as a result of the pandemic as we navigate the pandemic, we’re thinking that something won’t change: the craving for chocolate and snacks. And these new small, bite-sized treats definitely have us covered if we’re clamoring for a sweet, snackable treat.

Yasso Green Yogurt chocolate snacks
Courtesy of Yasso

Available nationwide in the U.S. these Yasso Poppables are made with the goodness of greek yogurt, covered in a chocolatey layer with a crunchy exterior thanks to its crisped quinoa coating. For a 3pm snack, or before-bed treat, each Poppable clocks in only 7g of carbs, 3g of fat, and 2g of protein and are available in four flavors (Coffee, Mint, Sea Salt Caramel, and Vanilla Bean). With no sugar alcohols, no high-intensity sweeteners and no artificial flavorings, Yasso Poppables have live and active cultures, so you can have good-for-you goodness wrapped in a crunchy, chocolate bite-size piece, with each box holding six individually-wrapped Poppables.

With snacking happening anytime, for just you, your roommate, your sibling or your entire family, we know what will be in our freezers from now on — a little bit of joy in the form of a Yasso Poppable.



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