Meet Claire Grieve: successful fitness personality

The highly sought-after yoga specialist, stretch therapist, health and lifestyle coach reveals all.

Claire Grieve, yoga specialist, LA, health coach

Claire Grieve is a highly sought-after yoga specialist, stretch therapist and health and lifestyle coach. After earning a Bachelors of Education from Melbourne University, she moved to Los Angeles and underwent extensive yoga training before taking flight on her own. Since then, Claire has developed a loyal client base that includes celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitely, professional athletes, seasoned yogis and beginners alike.
In her own words, here’s an insight into what keeps her happy, healthy and inspired.

Getting To Know You

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Born: Melbourne, Australia.
Lives: Los Angeles, California.
Known for: Making yoga fun and accessible to everyone from first time yogis, kids, supermodels to professional athletes. Inspiring people to live a healthy happy lifestyle.
Personal motto: Live life to the fullest, show up, work hard and have fun along the way.
Success is: Happiness is the key to success and the ability share it with the people you love.
Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: Experience life, don’t sweat over the small stuff. Travel solo, meet new people, fall in love, cry, laugh, be free, change jobs, skydive. Embrace each experience and find your passion.
People are surprised that I: Can drive a V-8 super car and balance on my chin.
I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): I’m fortunate to surround myself with friends and colleagues who inspire me daily. People who have a strong work ethic, creative spirit and dedication to achieve the highest success, remain grounded, who are willing to empower and help others.
The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Moving to LA after a two week holiday. Ten years, a green card and a life changing yoga class later I found my passion and built a successful health and fitness company.
From my mistakes, I have learnt: I call mistakes lessons in life. They make you stronger, wiser and mould you to be a better person.
My most used emoji is: Kissy face, muscle arm.

Out And About

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Wake up time: 6/630am.
Morning ritual: Water, Probiotics, Shower, Skincare Regime, Yoga clothes, Green Detox Plant Protein Smoothie To-GO. Out the door and on the road to first client.
Desk lunch: No desk. Lunch on the run. Healthy green salad packed with veggies, avocado, quinoa.
Last thing I do at night: Bath, Magnesium, Listen to Meditation tape.
Guilty pleasure: Spa days and Tomoko Japanese Massage.
3 things vital to my day: Friends, laughter, exercise.
Cafe: Kreation Organic Kafe.
Juice: Green. 50 shades of green – everything green you can think of!
Coffee: Iced Green Tea.
Culture stop: Travel – If I could I would live out of a suit case and visit all the places on my bucket list. Local – The Getty Centre. Best views of Los Angeles and a great collection of art.
Studio/gym: Maha Yoga/Ben Bruno Training.


Sports bra: Nike.
Sports tights: Lululemon.
Shoes: Asics.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators Custom Design.
Watch: Rolex.
Store: Online shopping. Intermix, FWRD, Net-A-Porter, Revolve, Shopbop for the rare occasion you will see me out of yoga pants!
New season must have: I love my blue Celine Mini. Great cross body bag to jazz up my yoga gear.

Culture And Tech

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App: Waze – Gets me around LA Traffic. NYTimes – Keeps me up to date with news and world affairs.
Website: The Skimm everything you need to start your day. & for daily dose of health & fitness.
Binge watch: I don’t watch TV unless SportsCenter is on.
Instagram stalk: @nude_yogagirl
Album love: Rhianna Anti

Logging On

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Instagram: @claire_grieve
Snap: claire_grieve

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