kreatures of habit
Image: Courtesy of Kreatures of Habit

Meet an Incredible New Breakfast Brand Making Healthy Living Habitual

This is Kreatures of Habit, a morning routine makeover packed with protein and positive vibes.

As the old adage goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Quite literally, it serves as the break for your overnight fasting i.e. sleeping (which we all could use more of!). During the Global Pandemic and in our increasingly new normal, breakfast became even more important. According to new research from a recent The Harris Poll under commission from General Mills Foodservice, nearly 25% of Americans have reported eating more breakfast foods than they normally would due to being at home instead of commuting. In addition, nearly four-in-five Americans have reported eating breakfast foods for a meal other than breakfast.

If you’re tired of bagels, eggs, pancakes, waffles, toast, muffins, and donuts (but really are you ever?), serial entrepreneur Michael Chernow has the solution. You may know Chernow as a famous restaurateur (The Meatball Shop, Seamore’s), television presence (Beat Bobby Flay, Kitchen Casino, and Chopped), author, and wellness magnate, but now he’s tackling the most important meal of the day with his new venture Kreatures of Habit. Founded by Chernow, Kreatures of Habit is more than just the newest direct-to-consumer functional food brand that’s primed to flip breakfast upside down – it’s also a love letter to Chernow’s own mindful morning breakfast and triumphs over addiction.

kreatures of habit
Image: Courtesy of Kreatures of Habit

What Is Kreatures of Habit?

A new vision of what packaged oatmeal can be, Kreatures of Habit maximizes the power of protein and oats. Its flagship product, The PrOATagonist, is individually packaged, plant-based, gluten-free, allergen-free, and chocked full of protein (with more than 30 grams), vitamins, and minerals, all without sacrificing taste or sustenance. It’s available in chocolate, blueberry banana and vanilla flavors, and as far as the ingredients go, it’s made of only the good stuff – oats, pea protein, pumpkin seeds, Omega 3’s, and Vitamin D3 – which all work together to build healthy muscles and tissues, strengthen immunity, fight inflammation, and boost brain function.

The Best Way to Eat Kreatures of Habit

Your new favorite breakfast can be consumed in a few ways. Either simply pour hot water for the ultimate morning oatmeal alternative, or store it in the fridge overnight with your favorite milk and delicious toppings. If you’re in a hurry, shake it in a bottle with water or milk, or add a pack to your morning smoothie. Kreatures of Habit lives up to its name as it beckons the cultivation of healthy habits and is democratizing healthy eating. It’s perfect if you’re still working from home (eat it for breakfast, lunch, or a snack), or if you’re back in the office (totally fits in your purse, briefcase, or backpack). The PrOATagonist is around $34 for a box of 7 and is ready to be the star of your morning story.

kreatures of habit
Image: Courtesy of Kreatures of Habit

Deep Sleep Support

Magnesium Breakthrough

Want to fall asleep faster and all through the night?


3X The Value Of Food


Want to absorb ALL the valuable nutrients from your food?

Improve Your Digestion

Good Bacteria Support


Want to protect your body from bad bacteria that’s causing bloating?


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