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Meet the New Anytime Skin Regime Leaving A Trail Of Fresh Faces In Its Wake

This is Lula.

Raise your hands if you’re tired of rigid skincare regimes that require a ph.D for follow through and a full hour (at least) to execute. (In case you’re wondering, our hands are in the air!) Good news—Meet Lula, a new clean, botanical skincare brand that gives freedom to your beauty ritual without sacrificing that oh-so sought after fresh-face look. Founded by celebrity makeup artist Sarah Uslan, the beauty of Lula (named after Sarah’s daughter Tallulah) lies in her less is more credo that draws from her signature bare-faced-beauty techniques. This in-demand artist has long been working to develop a line of intuitive products that add a natural effortless glow, turning her client’s skin into a feature of focus. We found out more about the brand. Keep reading to learn more about Lula. 

All About Lula

Taking a noticeably different approach to skincare creation from other contemporary makeup artists, Sarah’s line was born from her minimalist aesthetic and keep-it-simple philosophy to beauty. Her belief that a simple skincare ritual is the best foundation, a notion that has helped to further inform her own experience working with a spectrum of skin types. This carefully considered perspective helped forge Lula’s multipurpose approach to skin, and the debut of three easy-to-use luxe products created to ensure your skin is a well-primed canvas—whether you opt for makeup or go au naturale.  

How It Works

Skin-indulging products that nourish from head-to-toe, Lula is comprised of three thoughtful formulas designed to achieve glowing, healthy skin. Lula has swiftly garnered a cult following amongst skin purists. And, the cruelty-free brand is committed to pushing beauty boundaries with products packed with high-quality, natural, antioxidant-rich botanicals like Broad-Spectrum CBD to soothe and calm skin and Turmeric Oil for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Their signature essential oil blend creates a soothing sensorial experience that turns your mundane routine into a relaxing ritual. Now, who’s ready to embrace the magic of Lula?

1) Beyond Balm

Sarah’s beauty staple! Luxuriously thick, this rich face balm melts into the skin to hydrate, calm, and soothe Lock in moisture in the morning or finish off your evening routine for a nourishing night treatment. Formulated with powerful botanicals, the Beyond Balm uses Jasmine Flower Extract which possess antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can help counter damage from everyday stressors; Bergamot Fruit Oil, a lightweight moisturizer that also helps ward off blemishes and bacterial-induced pore clogging and Olive Oil, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and squalane, to fight free radical damage in tandem with Broad Spectrum CBD and helps build the skin’s moisture barrier to retain hydration.

2) Potion Serum:

This dynamic blend of 14 active botanicals helps relieve dryness and restore radiance. Turmeric Oil, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, adds luster to the skin while bringing out your natural glow. Sea Buckthorn Oil is known for its rejuvenating effects and can help repair skin damage caused by oxidative stress. It also can promote collagen formation, increasing skin elasticity.

3) Hand and Body Lotion

This deeply hydrating lotion is powered by Shea Butter, for nourishing moisture and a blend of clean oils, including Squalane, to add luminosity. Broad-Spectrum CBD Extract helps to calm and soothe dry and irritated skin. Enhanced with Lula’s signature blend of aromatic essential oils,  this luxurious hand & body lotion is like a self-care retreat in a bottle.


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