Learn About Sustainability While Eating Delicious Food At This Autumn Event

It takes 'farm-to-table' to a new level!

Image c/o Camperdown Commons

Have you ever been for a meal at a restaurant, only to realise you have no idea where your food has actually come from? Sure, you may have eagerly watched the waiter carry it from the kitchen. But when it comes to the source of the actual ingredients, you’re completely in the dark. It’s hardly surprising really, considering we live in a time when food can be imported from the furthest corners of the earth and end up on your plate.
It’s particularly difficult to maintain that connection with your food when you live in a major city like Sydney — where closest you’ll get to agriculture is playing Farmville on your iPhone! But thanks to a partnership between Common Spaces, Pocket City Farms and Acre, the farm-to-table approach to dining has made its way back into Sydney’s inner-west.

Introducing, Camperdown Commons

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In the Camperdown Commons precinct (previously home to Camperdown Bowling Club), you’ll find Acre, a chic, modern restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each item on the menu is as fresh as it flavoursome — as all of the produce is sourced directly from the on-site farm or other suppliers in the Sydney basin areas.

Run by Pocket City Farms, the urban farm is equipped with a community garden, chicken coup, community composting program and greenhouse. It’s the ultimate sustainable operation, as Acre also composts with Pocket City Farms and uses other recycling and water efficiency measures.

Come on down to Harvest

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From April to June, the community hub will be home to Harvest — a series of free workshops and events focused on sustainable living. Each Saturday, Pocket City Farms will sell their freshly harvested fruit, veggies and herbs at the on-site store, as well as a selection of fresh produce from other local and ethical growers and makers. It’s also the perfect opportunity to tuck into Acre’s new Autumn menu while enjoying some live music.
On Thursday nights and Saturdays, Pocket City Farms will host a series of health, gardening and food workshops as well as on-site yoga classes. Oh, if you turn on to Thursday night sessions, you’ll also get a free glass of wine if you eat at Acre, too! There will also be urban tours, author classes and monthly crop swaps held throughout autumn.
You can find out more about Harvest here.

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