Meet Acre, the farm-to-table eatery everyone is talking about

Expect fresh, flavoursome food.

Acre Eatery, Farm to table, sustainable, Camperdown Commons

From tractorless vineyards, to underground fridges and eco-friendly resorts, green is no longer just the colour of your morning smoothie. We love to see venues and wellness hotspots taking on eco-initiatives, which is why we were delighted to come across Camperdown Commons‘ farm-to-table restaurant, Acre Eatery. 

Acre Eatery is as sustainable as it gets

What was once known as a bowling club has now become a legitimate “closed loop” operation. This means that everything from the food on your plate, to the composting, recycling and water has been carefully designed to create what is considered one of Sydney’s most self-sustainable urban farms and edible gardens.

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The on-site farm, Pocket City Farms, prioritises fresh produce, and includes a community food forest, a chicken coup, community composting program and a greenhouse. The market garden has an extensive array of organic produce, such as veggies and herbs, that are used in everything from the meals to the cocktails. Whatever protein or other produce is needed is locally sourced within the Sydney basin area.

A common space for everyone to enjoy

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Acre Eatery boasts a restaurant for lunch and dinner, as well as an outside terrace to enjoy breakfast on the weekends. If you’re short on time, the outdoor shipping container has your to-go morning java (Marrickville’s Blind Roaster!) and muffins (the orchard spice muffin is a must-try) ready to go.
The venue is not only a restaurant, but a communal hub for groups to hire out a space, attend one of the workshop events or yoga classes in the commons area.

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With it’s tastefully decorated natural timber flooring giving it a cosy, farm-like feel, you’ll be sure to momentarily forget you’re just a couple of minute away from the bustling city

Camperdown Commons

Address: 31A Mallett St, Camperdown NSW 2050



Acre Eatery Website:

Instagram: @acreeatery


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