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We’re Absolutely Obsessed with This Five-Day Wellness Reset Program

Meet Kroma Wellness!

We’ve all heard of the detox. It’s something that can make us feel better as well as our bodies, but that doesn’t mean that it always feels good during the process. Because you’re depleting your body of its essential nutrients for a few days, it can put said body into major stress mode. They also put a big focus on weight loss, when in actuality, this is a slow and steady process that requires nourishing your body. Here’s where Kroma Wellness comes in. After three years in research and development, this premium functional health and superfood company is changing the way the typical deprivation-driven “diet” category operates in this world. They are introducing superior, nutrient-rich, delicious products and proven methods to change ingrained behaviors. All while replacing them with healthy habits. Keep reading to learn more about Kroma!

Kroma’s 5-Day Reset Program

Kroma is different for a multitude of reasons. The 5-Day Reset program is made to fuel your body while on the go and is completely customizable to fit the demands of your daily life. Each day features meals, snacks, and drinks that can be supplemented with other ingredients to ensure you’re getting the proper and tailored nutrients your body needs to stay energized, focused, and nourished throughout the day. Here are the ways that Kroma differs from traditional detoxes include:

  • A program that’s customizable to your goals
  • Leaves you feeling light and clear without compromising energy or vitality
  • Keeps you fully nourished, never deprived or depleted
  • Helps you reset + keep new habits for the long-term

When the Reset is over, Kroma’s got delicious food to help you get back into the groove of things. Crave-worthy essentials like the Beauty Matcha Latte, Veggie Broth With Miso, and OMG Cookie Butter can be individually and integrated into your normal diet. This routine was made to help you stick to the better habits you created during the program. No matter what your specific health goals are, Kroma can help you achieve long-term, sustainable success.

What Do You Get?

When you order the Kroma collection, you get 18 instant, shelf-stable, and non-perishable powder-based individual offerings anchored by a first-of-its-kind 5-Day Lifestyle Reset. The reset incorporates the full Kroma product assortment into one all-inclusive system. We’re also obsessed with plant-based smoothie blends, bone and veggie broths. They provide intense hydration and greens elixirs. Things like adaptogen lattes, teas, superfood snacks, and supplements. Kroma is made to fuel your body while on the go. Our favorite thing about it is completely customizable. It seamlessly integrates a wellness routine into your daily life that will last long after the Reset program is complete.

Deep Sleep Support

Magnesium Breakthrough

Want to fall asleep faster and all through the night?


3X The Value Of Food


Want to absorb ALL the valuable nutrients from your food?

Improve Your Digestion

Good Bacteria Support


Want to protect your body from bad bacteria that’s causing bloating?


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