june horoscope
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Your Horoscope for the Month of June 2021

A little bit of chaos is always expected.

Happy June, Amodrn family! We’re starting to get into the month of June and there are some interesting things happening for every single sign this month. With the start of Summer, there is generally a sense of letting go and enjoying yourself. The world is getting warmer and we’re ready to enjoy ourselves. But the beginning of this summer is a little confusing. There’s a lot going on in the Universe that might make things chaotic. We’ve put together a little guide on what’s to come for you for the month of June, a time where we await the start of the summer. Keep reading for more on your June horoscope!

june horoscope
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Your Horoscope for the Month of June 2021


June is bringing us some crazy changes, and for you, it’s a good time to keep calm and collected. Instead of lashing out at anybody, take a breath. Get some self-care and get ready for some things to change.


Although we’re exiting your birthday season, there’s a lot going on with you. Our relationships have changed since the start of the pandemic. It probably brought out a lot of the differences you have with people that you’re not okay with. Moving on and relinquishing all that is not currently serving you.


Jupiter is going retrograde this month and that means luck is in the air. If you feel like the fruits of your labor haven’t been showing, then just be a little patient. Enjoy the ride, because it’s all about the journey.


It’s your season, Cancer baby! The time for you to thrive and celebrate yourself. Your kindness and sweet nature are why people gravitate towards you. Please take the time to celebrate yourself.


Leo, your love life is a little volatile this month. Both Neptune and Jupiter are going retrograde in the next few months. You need to make room for connection and take the time to let go of what is not serving you.


Virgo, you are intelligent, organized, and what makes anything an experience. Your devotion to others and their happiness is what makes life worth living. Because both Jupiter and Neptune are going retrograde, this month is full of illusions. Many things will be exposed for what they are.


Libra, you tend to not involve yourself in drama, because you are the sign of balance. Although you are someone who wants things to be chill, stepping back is your best option this month. Make time for you and not other peoples’ opinions.


Scorpio, we are almost in a time of year that is generally happy, and unfortunately, still in one of drama. Do not involve yourself with it and you will have an easygoing next few months. Your June horoscope does not predict any trouble.


Although you attract luck because Jupiter is your ruling planet, it’s up to you to make your own luck in this world. When Mars enters Leo, you have to know to stand up for yourself. Because of these retrogrades, a lot can go opposite this month. Defend yourself!


Capricorn, for you, we’re recommending taking some time to be in nature. Step away from social media and take a chance to be at peace. Avoiding stress during this time of eclipses and retrogrades is good for your mental health.


Aquarius, get your to-do list done! With your giving personality, you often forget to take care of yourself. Take the time to go through your health. Doctor, dentist, therapist, spa, whatever you need to feel good!


Pisces, the month of romance for you is upon us! Although you feel like you still want to keep it low-key for a little longer, you should take the chance to explore romantic connections. The stars are lining up for you, so be on the lookout for your love.

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