Supermodel Jess Hart's 4 Golden Rules For Staying In Shape

Fries and frosé are still on the menu.

Fries and frosé aren’t the typical diet of a professional supermodel, but Jess Hart is far from typical. She’s graced the cover of Vogue, walked for Victoria’s Secret and pioneered her own beauty brand—all before the age of 30.
And at 30, she’s not close to stopping, now announced as the new face—and bust—of Triaction By Triumph sports bra. We sat down with the Aussie model to find out how she manages to stay in shape without restricting herself. She leads a healthy, balanced life but isn’t afraid to indulge. So how does she feel confident in the lead up to a shoot? She sticks to four golden rules: “Eat less carbs, drink more water, workout more and cut out the drinking.”

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Meet Jess Hart

Born: Sydney
Lives: NYC
“NYC is great. It’s so vibrant and electric and everything is available at all times of day and night [but] I miss my family and grandfather.”
Most people probably don’t know this about me, but: I have double-jointed hips
My hidden talent is: playing pool
My guilty pleasure is: stupid TV shows
I binge watch: something between Two Broke Girls, Big Bang, Modern Family and only yesterday I watched this great show on the plane, Upper Middle Bogan
My pet peeve is: people chewing gum

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On routine…

“There is no typical day for me. It’s always changing.”
First thing I do in the morning: meditate (trying to)
Last thing I do at night: Set my alarm

On diet…

“I do [enjoy cooking]. I make a great zucchini pasta dish with capers and olives. It’s so good. I went to Catalina’s in Sydney [yesterday]. I ate fries and drank frosé.”
3 foods I couldn’t live without: pizza, fries and capsicum—has to be raw though
If I were a fruit or vegetable I’d be: a peach
If sugar were a superfood, my diet would consist of: nerds, skittles and starburst

On exercise…

“I mix it up between Pilates, spin and personal training.”
My favourite place to workout is: the gym

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On goals…

“I want to make my business, LUMA, a household name. And personally, [I’m] striving to be the best me I can be.”
Personal Motto: If it doesn’t budge, kick it
Success is: being happy
Advice I would give my 20-year-old self: It doesn’t matter! …I wouldn’t have listened

On her new role with Triumph…

“I’m their global brand ambassador, it’s so exciting to be involved with such an iconic brand and one that I can really relate to. I’m in Sydney for the launch of their new sportswear brand—Triaction by Triumph. I encourage all women to find the one for them.”
The perfect sports bra: It has to be supportive and this is where Triumph really does well. It offers the best bounce control and I always feel fully supported, no matter what exercise I’m doing when I’m wearing any products from the Triaction range.

On social media…

“I believe that there is a line between too much information and I think we may have crossed it. I like the idea of keeping things to yourself and keeping mystery alive.”
One thing that’s off-limits: Nudity!

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