9 Inspiring TED Talks Every Ambitious Woman Should Watch

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Image: Cheyenne Gill via theeverygirl.com

Remember when the only ‘Ted’ we knew was that ridiculous (but surprisingly funny) movie where Mark Wahlberg is best buddies with a teddy bear? Fast forward to 2017 and the name is synonymous with thought-provoking video podcasts, thanks to the concept of TED Talks. The speeches are filmed at the yearly TED Conferences, where game-changing leaders are invited to share their ideas in 18 minutes or less. Then, these can be streamed by us playing along at home! There are more than 2300 videos and they span every topic from technology and science to the arts and fashion. So, to spare you the time wading through thousands of videos, we’ve rounded up the ones we think every ambitious woman should watch. Touching on everything from work/life balance to creativity and body image, they’ll get you thinking, inspire you and motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

If you want to unlock your potential

Peace activist Leymah Gbowee shares her inspiring story and explains how unlocking the hidden potential of girls could transform the world.

If you want to become a better leader

In this eye-opening talk, Facebook COO Sheryl Landberg looks at why so few women reach the top of their professions. She also dishes out some useful tips on how we can change that!

If you want to become more successful

It’s no secret that the founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, loves her sleep. In this talk, she shares the idea that the key to building a successful life and career is to get more shut-eye. Hey, if it gives us an excuse to press snooze a few more times, we’re listening!

If you want to love your body

In this powerful talk, model and body activist Ashley Graham challenges the ‘plus-sized’ label in the modelling world. You don’t need to be a model to find inspiration in this video — it’s all about accepting your body no matter what size you are.

If you want to find a meaningful, fulfilling job

Don’t we all want to find work that’s enjoyable, fulfilling and pays the bills? In this inspiring talk, entrepreneur and writer Scott Dinsmore shares his personal story and tells us how to do just that.

If you want to ace that job interview

We’ve previously mentioned the concept of power posing’ before an interview and this is where it all started. But in the talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy also delves deeper into body language and explains how it can change other people’s perceptions of us.

If you want to become more resilient

Let’s face it — no matter how #blessed your life is, we all go through tough times. In this talk, model, actor and paralympic runner Aimee draws upon her own story to explain how adversity can actually be a positive thing. The results are seriously inspiring!

If you want to become more creative

Ever feel frustrated at yourself for not being a creative ‘genius’? This is the TED Talk for you. The author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic explains how rather than the rare person ‘being’ a genius, we all have genius inside us.

If you want to be more productive

If you like hearing about how productive people spend their time, you’ll love this talk. Author Nigel Marsh lays out the ideal day of a productive person and explains how to strike the perfect work/life balance.

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