Iza Goulart Shares Her Latest Training Tips

Angel approved.

If you’re in need of fitspiration, @iza_goulart is a good place to start. Along with the suspected bras and feathers, this Victoria’s Secret model fills her feed with #BodyByIza workouts, proving it takes a lot of hard work to be an “Angel”.
With legs up to her ears, it’s no surprise that she’s the body (I mean, face) of Nike’s new Beautiful X Powerful Collection. It’s also not shocking that she’s taken up running. Her latest feat: a personal best in the 10km Nike We Run Paris Event. Prior to the race, Iza received some expert tips from the winner of the first women’s marathon in the Olympic Games, Joan Benoit Samuelson – and she’s shared them with us below.

Iza: Do you have any tips for managing a busy travel schedule with training?

iza goulart, nike, training, running
Joan: For people with busy lives it’s all about prioritising what’s truly important to ensure whatever you’re doing is sustainable. In athletics and sport, we talk about the mind, body, spirit balance. Trying to keep those three components of the triangle balanced is key. If I have a busy day, it’s important for me to get to bed early and then to get up as early as I need to fit in a run or a workout. When it comes to eating, rather than sit down to a big meal, eat small amounts throughout the day to get the nutrition you need.

I’ll be running my fastest 10K in September! What should I focus on for that – distance or intervals?

I’ve always been an athlete who runs the way I feel on that particular day. If I feel rested and strong, I run hard. If I don’t, I run easy. It’s all about listening to your body.

What’s the number one thing I need to do as part of my training?

iza goulart, nike, training, running
Consistency. In marathon training, I count back three months from the actual date of the marathon, and during those three months, I hit three workouts a week. I would always do a speed workout, a long, hard run and a long run with a good distance at a pace I was feeling that day. For your speed run, I would do 400-metre runs repeating with a 200–metre jog rest. For your long run, you should target a 15K or a 20K max.

What’s your number one advice for me?

Be balanced. Most runners have stronger legs than arms. It’s important to develop strength in the arms to come close to matching the strength in the legs. This way, you are more in sync and more balanced.

Any motivation advice or mantra you recommend to push through those tough training moments?

iza goulart, nike, training, running
My motto is: “there is no finish line.” When you’ve run your fastest 10K, you keep going. You pick the next goal or the next race because running is a lifestyle and there is no end.

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