Is this the answer to full lips & wrinkle-free skin (no needles required)?

You needn’t turn to the needle to stop the sag.

Before you start waving the au natural flag, you have to admit that you clicked on this because you’re intrigued. Chances are you’d never go ahead with cosmetic surgery but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t crossed your mind, right?
Although ageing is natural, society has a relentless obsession with staying young. We talk about ‘fighting the signs of ageing’ as if growing old is an unwarranted invasion, looting our good looks and pillaging our perkiness (of the brain and breast). And sometimes, it feels like it is.
But if you’re opposed to the needle, sick of sleeping in masks (or sore from Kylie Jenner’s suction cups), have you ever tried a natural alternative? Edible collagen is 100% natural and has proven to be more effective than going under the knife (so to speak).

The truth about collagen

Collagen has gained a bad reputation, becoming synonymous with liposuction, Botox and boob-jobs in the language of cosmetic surgery but did you know that it is a fibrous protein that is naturally produced in the body? In fact, it is the most abundant protein found in the human body and the second largest substance behind water.
Collagen plays a vital role in the growth and repair of cells. It is the main component of the building blocks of hair, skin and nails, and provides strength and structure to bones, joints and connective tissue. In other words, it is the key to healthy hair, a glowing complexion and taught skin – see ya later cellulite!
As we age, our collagen production begins to decline. Sadly this will start around our mid twenties and, for women, will dramatically plummet after menopause (cough, typical). But you needn’t turn to the needle to stop the sag.

Why to swap the syringe for the spoon

Collagen supplementation is hardly a new phenomenon but ingesting it rather than injecting it is. Edible collagen powders – usually made from bovine and fish sources – first cropped up in Asia (what, eating fish scales started in Asia?)
Today it’s spread across the globe, with companies such as Vida Glow making it popular in Australia.
Why? Sipping collagen rather than applying it topically or injecting it (which we don’t recommend) provides the entire body with the ingredients needed to support the creation and repair of the body’s connective tissues. Plus, edible collagen has a higher bioavailability and absorption rate than other methods, which works to stimulate the natural manufacturing of collagen in the body.
So before you write it off as a celebrity fad, a recent study found that consuming marine collagen peptides over a 90-day period doubled both the epidermal and dermal thickness and increased skin elasticity by 30%. Other research has linked it to improvements in skin hydration and sun-damage as well as nail and hair growth and strength.
All research aside; Jen Anniston’s been drinking the stuff for years and that’s proof enough for us.

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