Meet WeBarre: Singapore's first boutique Barre studio

Get ready to lift, tuck, curl and plié.

WeBarre, Singapore

Located in a quaint refurbished shophouse along Tanjong Pagar road, WeBarre’s founders Linda Lim and Anabel Chew have brought this international fitness trend to our shores with the help of Master Trainer, Rachel Fraser. Class types range from Fundamentals, Signature Multi-Level to HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training). And if you prefer, WeBarre offers private sessions too.

So what exactly is Barre?

A ballet inspired fitness program, it mixes the elements of dance, Pilates, Yoga and functional training all in one body-conditioning workout, as you move to motivational music.
This exercise first came about when ballerina, Lotte Berk decided to combine her dance routines with rehabilitative therapy that she learnt after suffering a back injury. Since opening her first studio in 1959 in London, the series of exercises Berk invented have transformed and taken on different variations to become what we know Barre to be today. For instance, there’s Physique 57 (a fiercely intense 57-minute barre-based routine), The Bar Method (a body reshaping workout), Xtend Barre (a combination of ballet, dance and Pilates exercises), and more. So what started as a class for nimble dancers to strengthen, lengthen and chisel their bodies in Manchester, London has turned into a rigorous and invigorating workout of choice for fitness enthusiasts around the world.

What to expect at WeBarre

While it has its origins in dance, WeBarre’s exercises incorporate postures from yoga and Pilates, creating a dynamic workout that requires core engagement throughout, whilst performing little, isometric movements through long and continuous tiny pulses. A typical session starts with a warm-up on the mat that might include push-ups and planks, followed by a series of exercises that work to fire up parts of your arms, chest and back. Following that, targeted lower-body exercises are performed for areas like the calves, gluteal muscles and thighs. Apart from body weight, some movements might utilise a set of light weights or a soft exercise ball.
The essence of Barre and its isometric movements is captured by performing higher reps, whilst continuously engaging multiple targeted muscles. Coupled with fast and quick motions, this efficient workout builds endurance with less strain to the muscle ¾ if you were to compare it to a traditional strength training exercise. Improved postural alignment, a stronger core and increased flexibility are achieved while developing longer, leaner muscles without the bulk.
As with any new exercise, determining your goal and keeping your body challenged is essential to consistent progress. Changing up your routine or adding a new type of exercises might just help you achieve that leaner, stronger body you’ve been working towards.
Since I’ve been doing yoga and Pilates for years, I found the multi-level class helpful in further developing my body’s power and grace in movement. I look forward to hitting up the handrail soon, and you should too.


Address: 86B Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088507



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