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Sun. Sand. Solitude.

When asked to describe your dream holiday, it’s safe to say ‘pigs’ wouldn’t feature on your must-have checklist. But one visit to Big Major Cay (dubbed Pig Beach) may convince you otherwise.
Situated in the idyllic islands of the Bahamas, Pig Beach is an uninhabited, seemingly untouched tropical paradise. With sprawling white sand and clear blue water, it’s not difficult to see the appeal but the true attraction may surprise you: swimming pigs.
How they arrived remains a mystery but nevertheless, the island is home to twenty or so pigs and piglets that enjoy frolicking in the waves. True to their nature, the pigs are particularly welcoming to visitors who bring food but they are also friendly to the empty handed.

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Swine aside, Big Major Cay is a tropical paradise unlike any other. If you’re looking to switch off, relax and reboot, this is the place. Think sun, sand and solitude.

Where to stay:

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Guests can access the island via boat and tend to stay on the equally beautiful, Staniel Cay. Both are less well known than the more popular islands yet arguably this is what makes them so special.

What to do:

Along with pigs, one can swim with sharks, dolphins and other marine life – and you can feed them too. Activities include nurse shark feeding, reef shark feeding, iguana feeding and of course, pig feeding. But animals aside, the island offers other water sports to get your heart pumping such as jet skiing, wake boarding and underwater cave diving.
If you’re more of the lounge and leisure type, you can enjoy day trips on boats, drinking cocktails and partaking in their national sport: sunbaking. If you’re after some nightlife, you’ll be hard pressed to find an underground rave cave (although it would be fitting). Staniel cay is quiet. Visitors frequent the bar at the yacht club, which has a fun, local vibe and is sure to satisfy your cocktail cravings.  

When to go:

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Lucky for the locals, the Bahamas are warm all year round. Summer is peak season however Autumn (September/October) is also a lovely time to visit. It’s still hot but draws fewer crowds. Just remember, it is tropical so be prepared to get a little wet.

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